Far Cry 3 Crafting Items Recipes Guide - How To Craft

Crafting slots far cry 4. Crafting Recipes - Far Cry 4

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Extended 1x Yellow Necked Cassowary Leather. You will do more damage to animals. You will be able to carry 10 special and 10 normal arrows.

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This kit dictates the amount of life-saving, life-altering Syringes that you can carry with you and thus have available for use at any given moment. You can carry 6 rockets and 12 grenades. You become immune to all kind of damage.

Extended 1x White Belly Tapir Leather. The Wallet Upgrades increase that amount It requires path of the hunter.

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Rugged 2x Boar Hide. Additional units of the fuel. Path of the hunter is required.

Far Cry 3 Crafting Items Recipes Guide – How To Craft

The burden of extra rounds for the Heavy weapons is such that bags are a requirement Fuel Sling 2x Dog Skin. Make no mistake about this - there are NO pointless upgrades! Extended 1x Blood Komodo Dragon Leather for 12 grenades and 12 molotovs.

History is peppered with such stories. Rugged 2x Deer Hide for 6 grenades and 6 molotovs.

Far Cry 4 Get Holster Weapon Slots

Rugged 2x Leopard Skin. Rocket Pack 2x Dog Skin. Shooting accuracy is improved. You get extra units fuel addition.

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You will get 2 extra health bars. Your running and swimming speeds will be improved. Requires Path of the Hunter. You get massive heal. Grenade Pouch 2x Goat Skin for 4 grenades and 4 molotovs. Burn damage is eliminated for 20s.

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Animals are repelled for 40s. Medicine 1x Green Leaf. Bait Bag - Increased Carrying Capacity of Bait The use of Bait to draw in dangerous predators so that you can kill them and thus obtain their hides or pelts is a time-honored tradition in Kyrat that is illegal practically everywhere else in the world.

Arrow Quiver 1x Goat Skin. So here they are, in all of their glory and complexity! Follow this guide to hear about updates As you will have noted on the Crafting Guide Page there is a set deck of specific Animals who must give up their all in order to assist good, kind,and caring man in the creation of the upgrades that are required so that good, kind, and caring man can go out and kill the bad, unkind, and carefree mans!

You get 20 regular and 10 special arrows.

Far Cry 3 – Crafting Items and Recipes

You will be able to unlock it if you have 30 relics. Munitions Pouch 2x Goat Skin. This recipe increases your weapon carrying capacity. The size of your Loot Bag in no small way influences the rate of progress and even your success in the game!