Craps explained easily, how to play craps in las vegas tutorial for beginners guide

Craps Play Tips Craps offers players some of the best odds in the house.

Craps Play Notes

When you look at the table layout, you first notice that there is a central zone and two, symmetrical left and right halves to the table. But be sure to read through our Intermediate Craps Play and Advanced Craps Play pages first so that you can make the most of the casino's lessons and practice software.

In between the proposition bets box and the outer loops, some tables include specifically labeled areas for C-E and E. Once you feel confident there, then head down to a casino and wow the crowd.

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Any other number rolled 4,5,6,8,9,10 becomes the shooter's point and the series continues. You can pass on being a shooter if you wish, but who knows, you could have the hot hand! In fact, you are betting on how lucky they are with the dice.

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However, some casinos may waive this traditional rule and let you put down a Pass Line bet at any time. Come bets parallel pass bets but may be made anytime after the point is established on or after the come out roll.

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The shooter has established a point of 5. If you use two hands they fear you may be switching dice and will force you to re-select from new dice.

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Here's an example series: When the series continues The craps table layout looks confusing because there are many different bets that can be made and because the layout at both ends of the table are exact mirrors of each other.

In other words, the same shooter can have multiple "come-out " rolls and make multiple points before they seven out. Once a player sees the craps table layout, he knows where to bet. When it is your turn to be the shooter, the "stick man" pushes four to six dice in front of you.

Physical Layout of the Table

Bottom Left and Right Zones The ring on the outermost loop of the table layout is the pass line betting area. Below this section is the horn bet box. If one of those numbers appears, the field bet wins. Craps Play Notes Each dealer has a hockey-puck-looking disk called a "buck" which is white on one side and black on the other.