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Degree in casino management. Northwest Indian College ยป Tribal Casino Management Program

A few schools offer cooperative programs, through which you can balance your coursework with six months of employment in a casino environment to give you hands-on experience and help you gain knowledge of the different games.

Online associate's and bachelor's degree programs are also available in related areas, such as hospitality management, which provide relevant training for aspiring casino managers.

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Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below: Common Courses and Requirements Several programs may have you complete foundational courses related to business, such as marketing, accounting and business operations. What Courses Will I Degree in casino management Can I Study Online?

Students take courses that cover the basics of business, as well as industry-specific topics.

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Some of these continued education online training courses are designed for professionals already working in the gaming industry, so you may be expected to know most industry standards. The BLS notes that careers in the hospitality and gaming industries involve a lot of interaction with customers, so workers need to know how to handle guests.

Getting Ahead with This Degree As you earn your bachelor's degree, you can make yourself more marketable by earning related certificates. Along with some general education requirements, your casino management curriculum will include classes designed to give you a solid foundation in all aspects of managing a casino or resort.

To fulfill work experience requirements, you may have to work hours, but typically you can work more hours if you choose.

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Note that because casino employment usually involves working with and around large sums of money, you'll likely be subject to a criminal background check and drug test when preparing for your internship or cooperative employment. Most online programs related to casino management are for certificates, not associate degrees.

However, there are some certificate programs that require students to have completed a minimum amount of college level coursework or have several years of experience in the hospitality industry. Casino management requires knowledge in a wide array of subjects.

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If you're home schooled, some colleges offer modified requirements, but you'll still have to submit scores from a standardized test. Topics of study may include gaming regulations and laws, casino security, player development, gaming revenue management, human resources, casino marketing, casino accounting and principles of hospitality.

Aspiring casino managers can find online educational opportunities at the certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree level. Also, online training seminars may help you learn about such topics as responsible gambling and gaming protection. You'll gain skills for communicating with fellow employees, resolving customer issues and implementing casino policies. Many of these industries are connected to the gaming industry, so cross-training in these areas may make you more marketable.

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Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below: If you already possess that knowledge, along with an associate degree, casino employers may be more likely to hire you, since you'll require less training. Although online programs could teach students about gaming regulations, management strategies and surveillance equipment, there's a lot of hands-on learning within this program.

There are several colleges and universities around the country that offer online certificate programs in casino management, including the following three schools: Bachelor's degree programs are not available in casino management, but interested students can get relevant training through bachelor's degree programs in hospitality management. There are only a few schools in the country that offer online associate's degree programs specifically in casino management.

You'll also be expected to have an up-to-date computer with a high-speed Internet connection, and, depending on the program, you might need speakers and a microphone.

The University of Massachusetts offers a five-course Certificate in Casino Management for undergraduates who have completed at least 24 credits of college coursework or have two years of industry experience. Some are completely online, while others blend online and weekend courses.

At the bachelor's degree level, more casino management coursework focuses on customer service, including topics about gaining customer loyalty, player development programs, customer market research and customer amenities.

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Online Program Info There are very few reputable online bachelor's degree programs related to casino management. Some programs require you to work as an intern at casinos, whereas other programs may allow you to intern for any business in the hospitality industry. Education and Career FAQs Online Colleges for Casino Management Casino managers monitor every aspect of a casino, including the gaming tables, staff, surveillance team and cash supply.

Find out the courses and programs that could prepare you for this career, along with how to study online in this field. In addition, you'll be expected to complete an internship or capstone project. Through Washington State University, students can earn online a bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Business Management that can help them prepare for careers at hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations like casinos.

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Online and Campus Programs Learn about the degree options in casino management. Several online certificate programs are related to gaming management, and most of these programs include core classes similar to associate degree programs. Programs can focus specifically on casino management or the broader field of hospitality and tourism management.

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You might also have to take classes in business management and leadership strategies.