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I have been rendering video, listening to iTunes and downloading in the background for 3 days and no shutdowns.

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See my Thread http: Here is my thought. Bite the bullet and do it right the first time.

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If at all possible, if you have a choice, schedule your Fuel Pump replacement when the tank is almost empty. A replacement of the power supply was in order, and its been running like a champ since.

I'm gonna keep on using it till it happens again but I'll update my post in the forums by tonight with more info if it casino drug tests again or not I know that you are asking about DCs; they were mentioned in the first reader post on this-Mikemy point is that maybe they inherited the issue from the previous generation.

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A later report below said he was ok with Luckily, I was in the right hand lane and was able to get out of traffic. This causes a power interruption on the order of a second or two. These shutdowns occur sometimes during heavy usage playing WoWand sometimes shortly after waking in the morning, doing light web-surfing and email.

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I've been reading it for a long time. Hope this helps I mentioned some of the tips above Yes, good advice.

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It was actually a replacement machine: The feedback I've gotten from Apple and from macosx. Most Fuel Pumps will normally make some noise. They do use non- standard power cords. Interestingly, AppleCare never suggested the power supply, and instead had a disk, the motherboard and CPU's replaced instead did not work. I purchased a larger UPS and have had no problems.

Check operation delphi forums slot tech the air deflector sensor; Replace Power supply. And I've got to add that all the tech reps I spoke with were a pleasure to work with.

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Rick Norwood Always a good buy. These shut-downs are characterized by a sudden powder-down: Not a big attaboy for Apple's QC these days. I'm now running The fuel pump that I bought with the bad gaskets was a Bosch.

Among the many things I tried to isolate the cause of these shutdowns re-seat memory, re-seat all PCI cards etc. Here is what I want to really know, or in other words, what should or should not be done to help us get the maximum life out of these pumps regardless of who the manufacturer is: Of course, it wouldn't shutdown at all when I had the machine at the Apple Store.

I have a G5 Quad, and previously a mirrored drive doors G4 both which seemed to have this problem. However, I suspect there still might be one too many devices plugged into it or tapping too much power from one outlet.

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This has made no difference in the occurrence of the random shut-downs. When troubleshooting random shutdowns, if you use an UPS try a test without using it - direct system connect to wall AC socket.

I'm using a dual 2. However unlike most of your reports my model is not a dual core, its one of the original Dual 2Ghz models. The bad sleep behavior continued, only now, just for fun, it became a wake-from-sleep issue, instead of a go-to-sleep issue. This simply HAS to be a software problem, doesn't it? Be sure to keep calling and cite the same case number again.

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My first test showed an error something like "Upper A" I'm kicking myself that I didn't write down the exact error message which meant that the Apple supplied gig SATA I drive in the top drive bay had a fault that Disk Utility had not found.

Back in the box it goes to Apple, and I will await replacement 3. I'll demand they replace the power supply in addition to the front panel and likely the logic boardand see if that solves all my problems. One of the earlier reports said reverting to I found the clues to the power supply on the internet, at great sites like xlr8yourmac, and there were many reports for the dual CPU models as well.

Seems like a lot of 2.

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I am averaging 6 months with the Airtex pumps. So what have I done?