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Diamond gems casino, what's new?

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Frosty Cone I think maybe you can win 15 gems from the casino once per level. Lonestar Jack boasts Texas-sized wins and 2 bonus games, including the Shooting Gallery. Jordy I just randomly played the casino and spent on it and won 15 gems.

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If you're just starting the game, have less than 15 XP and only a handful of restaurants, save yourself a lot of frustration and just focus on getting your 2 daily gems for opening the game and replaying levels to increase XP at least twice a day. It is harder to earn the 15 gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.

S, Jan 9, Answers Closed Answer from: Apr 6, Answer from: Good luck and much fun with the Welcome Bonus no deposit. Hugo I think that when the new update comes out I think there would be a common way on collecting gems.

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The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7. Never won gems when betting neither. I win all the time. Also, as you advance in the game, you don't necessarily have to achieve 3-stars on all the restaurant levels to be able to purchase another restaurant.

Goodluck dude Posted on: If I make a point to open up the game to get my 2 gems for returning and make a point of playing levels in my latest restaurant to level up to the next experience level, I'm pretty much guaranteed to win 15 gems in the casino if I buckle down and keep spinning.

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Netnet I used to get 15 diamonds about every 25, coins spent playing I went about three days playing study and no diamonds at all finally got 15 today they need to pay out more often because they want so many gems to improve your restaurants it's so hard to upgrade when did answer so scarce Posted on: I personally think that the slot machine is rigged to only ever land on the Single Coin icon which only pays out coins ; the Double Coin icon which only pays out coins May 24, Answer from: It is not the money that always count but your decision to enter the world of fun online casino gaming.

That isn't guaranteed every day, but the potential is there.

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Enjoy free coin offers every 2 hours: How many more experience points relies heavily on what and how much you upgraded. Maggie, Oct 29, Answers Closed Answer from: Only got triple coin once I don't remember the pay out, Sorry Posted on: When I bet coins I will get 15 diamonds, but I think you can only win diamonds once every 24 hours Posted on: I don't like the cheats either.

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Well, I get single gem really rare. As the other commenter mentioned, spend the coins each time to play the slot machine.

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Mar 6, Answer from: Maybe I have to play longer at a lower level to get a double or triple gem? Casino either Posted on: Some have found ways to cheat this system.

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You just have to be finicky and try to gauge which gem-investment is going to give you the most 'bang' for your buck.