Dimensioning curved slots. Pro/ENGINEER Lesson #2 - Creating Holes and Slots

The hole is located relative to These might include the following: Let's find out something about the hole.

Overview of this Lesson

Be aware of the intent of your part geometry and build the model accordingly. If this doesn't work, you may have to delete the line and draw a new one.

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Material is removed from inside the section as it dimensioning curved slots extruded or revolved. This comment is not mandatory, but is a very good idea for clarity.

Relations can also take the following forms: Adding a Relation A Relation is an explicit algebraic formula that allows a dimension to be automatically computed from other dimensions in the part.

If the length of the block is d3, and the position of the hole crown egypt slot machine the right face is d13, for example check to see if these are the symbols used in your modelwe can force the hole to be placed at the midpoint of the block by setting dimensioning curved slots a relation as follows: When you have created the three sides, use the middle mouse button to stop.

There is another way that we can define relations between dimensions cirrus casino no deposit bonuses features that is even more powerful - these are feature relations. Dimension this by picking the lower edge of the block and the lower edge of the slot. The attribute window appears with the title HOLE: Select the Regenerate command.

Use the Ctrl-middle mouse button to rotate the part. In the worst case, reference elements of a feature can be redefined.

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Once a feature has been created, it is very easy to modify its shape via its dimensions. Defined in the message window. It is possible to have several disjoint cutting surfaces in the noahs ark casino north cyprus sketch although this is not advisable.

Then click on Regenerate again. An advantage would be that we would not be restricted in how we could change the shape of the block make it a semi-cylinder for example without affecting the definitions of the hole and slot. For now, click on the red dimension.

The sequence is as follows: Depth select Thru All Done This at least makes sense - we want the hole to go completely through all the other features in the part that exist at the time of the hole's creation.

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These are quite similar, and the difference between them is subtle. All the relations for a part go into a special database that is consulted when the part is regenerated. You might try to zoom out use Ctrl-left mouse button to bring the end point visually closer to the edge.

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You have now completed the definition of the sketch of the cut, so select Done from the small window just below the Sketcher menu this may be partially hidden. Does the block have any parents? If all goes well, the hole should be exactly centered on the block.

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