Does the "IPHONE 5s" have a memory card slot? PLEASE ANSWER NEEDED?

Does iphone 5s have microsd slot. Five disappointing things about the iPhone 5S - CNET

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However, as you have to connect to the device's own wireless network to use it, you can't use a separate Wi-Fi connection while using AirStash. Plug the pin connector into the bottom of your iPhone, then plug the Universal Serial Bus end of the connector fifty casino closed any available USB port on your computer.

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Apple's iPhones do not have such a slot or any support for expanding storage. Cases With the release of the iExpander, it is now possible to use MicroSD with your iPhone through a smartphone case.

This makes MicroSD cards a popular choice for smartphone does iphone 5s have microsd slot expansion, as they can store gigabytes of data in a physically small space. Alternatives Later models of iPhone can access iCloud, an online storage facility. The iPhone only contains a pin dock connector that is not compatible with an SD card.


Your computer will recognize the iPhone and open iTunes for transferring content to the device. To use the device, you must run an iPhone application made by Zoom that can open photos, audio and video files and documents.

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The content transfer time varies depending on Wi-Fi speed — data plan or Bluetooth strength. You cannot access the files on the card through the iPhone's built-in apps such as iTunes.

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Forbes notes that if iPhone supported SD cards, many buyers would buy the cheapest, lowest-capacity model and expand the memory with an inexpensive card. These adapters connect to the iPhone through the pin interface on the bottom of the device and allow files on the MicroSD card to be accessed through an app available from the App Store.

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This can clear up storage space that had been incorrectly marked as in use. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are built into the device and don't require any additional equipment.


In addition, AirStash lets you access files through a browser as well as a dedicated app. They feature solid-state memory, meaning that, unlike a hard drive, the card has no moving parts. In addition, the adapter is only officially available for iPad and to use it on an iPhone, you must modify the phone's operating software.

Using MicroSD cards with the iPhone can give your phone a new lease of life once its onboard storage is full. You cannot transfer content to the device using an SD card or SD card adapter.