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If it is already enabled, then try the next method and check. Make sure that the website that you have opened has rich media content to see Flash Player in the add-on list. Beware and better stay away, pure scam!

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They get hundreds of dollars and nobody wins, this company has to be investigated! If you are using the Modern User Interface version of Internet Explorer, then try using the desktop version and check if that helps.

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Replied on May 23, I would like to have some information about this issue. What are the recent changes that you have made to the computer prior to this issue? When playing online games from websites like Facebook, Yahoo, MSN and other websites using Internet Explorer you may notice that the online games may not perform as expected.

Reasonly theres this person who it calling me a child molester and lots of other things every time I play. Apr 1, coins this game doubledown seems to have me blocked from buying chips, to play there game, i know i have large amount of chips on another site, could this be the problem any one have this problem it always shows my phone number is invalid and i dont know why Apr 1, coins this game doubledown.

If you are using ActiveX Filtering or Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 10, then some content like games or videos might be disabled.

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Aug 9, never received my winning Spend thousands on that internet scam. Please make him stop.

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The screen Didn't go over to the mushroom that must be selected, so I lost everything Sep 7, DoubleDown Casino is a fraud Beware of this fraudulent website! When I won a million, I was just blocked and of course I received nothing from them.

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Check if the Flash Player is enabled on Internet Explorer 10 You may follow these instructions to check this. I hope you can get the conversation back so you will know what I mean.

Please do answer to these questions. The last run in was Tuesday night about 9 oclock. If the issue persists in the desktop version as well, then try the next method and doritos roulette near me. Doubledown casino troubleshooting using the Desktop version of Internet Explorer and check the issue.

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I would request you to try the following methods and check if that helps. They said it goes down if you deposit cash but. Its not only me. He has about ,00 dollars. If yes, with which of its versions do you face this issue Desktop or Modern User Interface version?

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We were playing the 2k to 4k game. Are you using Internet Explorer 10 browser to play this game? In order to resolve this issue, we need to check certain features of Internet Explorer I actually maker recordings about all the on-line games I play and these guys are the worst.

Feb 8, double down casino my return bonus went back to dollars even though ive been playing everyday without skipping a day Feb 12, harrassment playing for quite a while on your site.

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You may refer to these links. Its not fun anymore.

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So, try disabling these features and check if that resolves the issue. His name is Paul C. That's just a lie! You buy chips for quite a high price and then you are supposed to get high paybacks.