John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

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And, indeed, Montagu himself witnessed these culinary phenomena on his travels through the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Earls of Sandwich [ edit ] Arms of the Earls of Sandwich. At the age of just 10 years old, he succeeded his grandfather, the Third Earl of Sandwich, and became the Fourth Earl of Sandwich.

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However, there is no firm evidence of this. His son, the sixth Earl, also represented Huntingdonshire in Parliament.

The 2000 years old Sandwich

Sandwich was criticised for the failure of the smaller British Channel Fleet to prevent this, although the invasion never materialised. Prior to Keppel failed to persuade Sandwich to ignore technical difficulties and " copper sheath only a few ships"; he was later possibly unfairly to make political capital out of this in The London MagazineMarch During a combined Franco-Spanish fleet was able to sail into the English Channel to threaten the coast of Cornwall in the initial stage of a Franco-Spanish invasion of Britain.

He hoped to return to office swiftly, provided a united opposition could be formed. It was created in for the prominent naval commander Admiral Sir Edward Montagu. For centuries before Montagu was born, the Greeks had been using pita pockets to hold cured meats and vegetables.

The family seat is today at Mapperton in Dorset. In he returned to the Admiralty in the government of John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Buteand encouraged a major rebuilding programme for the Royal Navy.

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This story may have been rumour or adverse propaganda, put about by his rivals. Lord Sandwich is also remembered for sponsoring the voyages of discovery made by Captain James CookR. He had remarked that coppering "gave additional strength to the navy" and he reproached Lord Sandwich with having "refused to sheath only a few ships with copper" at his request, when he had since ordered the whole navy to be sheathed.

He held the post of Northern Secretary until July The original online casino retention strategy was a piece of salt beef between two slices of toasted bread. Sandwich was also made British Ambassador to the Dutch Republic during the talks.

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The events surrounding Ray's murder were depicted in a popular novel Love and Madness by Herbert Croft. Following a proposal by Admiral Edward Vernonthe concept of a Western Squadron was pioneered, which proved very successful. Thus, the sandwich was born.

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Like many Patriot Whigs, Lord Sandwich was opposed to Britain's support of Hanover and strongly opposed the deployment of British troops on the European Continent to protect it, instead arguing that Britain should make greater use of its naval power.