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Adrenaline deleted Adrenaline are the old kind of buffs before the Skill Tree Reorganization in They are party buffs that give all characters within an area increased stats for a moderate period of time. When using Accelerators, Aura Accelerators, or Adrenaline, it will cause delay.

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Hyper Actives have their own individual skill slot which is mapped on the LShift key by default. An example of a Special Active skill, as seen in the picture, is " Gust Screw ", where Aisha casts a pillar of fire to damage surrounding enemies.

Skills can be learnt or enhanced by leveling. Event Skills Event skills are a kind of skill that are only available for a limited time. An example, as seen elsword ph skill slot change medal the picture, is a passive called " Focus Strength " which increases the Physical and Magical Attack stats. Once completed, you can unlock the skill and add Skill Points to it.

Passives Passivesas implied by the name itself, are skills that cannot be used by the character but instead enhances the stats or abilities of the character. These skills are classified under the term Flexibility skills.

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Transcendence skills are only unlocked after achieving the Transcendence enhancement at Level There are 3 types of Skill Notes: Transcendence Skills Main Article: These skills are called Locked Skills. Normally you cannot upgrade nor obtain that certain skill. Accelerators cannot stack with Aura Accelerators or Adrenaline. Hyper Actives and Passives will not have any traits. Current Event Skill None Buffs Buffs are skills which can be used to temporarily enhance the stats of the character.

An example is, as shown in the picture, the " Magic Accelerator Aura ", which increases magic attack for a set amount of time.

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These buffs are great for unleashing lethal Special Actives and can greatly increase the damage output of a skill. There are many other passives in higher job advancements that grant you special abilities limited to that particular class. If the dynamic camera is active, the camera angle will change to an epic view. All three of these type of skills can be selected as well as toggled on and off at any given time except PvP.

Unlike Seals which provides a buff to the user and all nearby players, Self Buffs only enhance the user's abilities. For a list of skill trees, go to: Only Aisha and Eve are capable of using Aura Accelerators. Accelerators deleted Accelerators are the old kind of elsword ph skill slot change medal before the Skill Tree Reorganization in Skills that you wish to use can be placed in these "Skill Slots".

These skills can always cause a great deal of damage.

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Deleted Skills Archive Skills that have been removed over time. This allowed you to use Q, W, E, and R for hotkeys.

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The picture is " Power of El ", which allows character to throw an orb which resets their skills' cooldown, grants them temporary invisibility, and makes all skills cost 0 MP. Alternatively, you could do the monthly quest for a day B-Skill Slot to get the second skill row unlocked.

Locked Skills Main Article: The abilities of Active Skills vary over each individual job class. Before the Skill Tree Reorganization inthere used to be three types of Buffs: Adrenaline cannot stack with Accelerators or Aura Accelerators. B slots are activated immediately for the character upon purchase. Special Actives are an essential set of skills which can greatly enhance your ability in fighting.

These skills, when used, cause delay, a small period of time-stop, followed by the image cut in of the character as the character executes the skill. TenacityStrengthand Bravery.

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Skill Notes Skill notes are various "notes" that can be used to enhance the ability of a particular skill before the Skill Tree Reorganization in It is always advisable to have at least one Active skill in your skill slots to allow greater flexibility. When a trait is chosen, the enhancement can not be reversed unless the Tome of Amnesia is present in the character's inventory.

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Only one trait can be chosen at any given moment 3star88 slots players also have the option of not casino tribal revenue sharing any.

Actives Actives are low MP cost skills that can be used for quick effect. Skill Traits Main Article: Unlike previous skills, Force Skills are unlocked via dungeon drops which allow you access to the found skill in the new menu. In most cases, the skill's type can be determined by their MP cost.