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Alicia Harding was shot, and in a showdown in the flooded Woolpack cellar with Debbie, Chas and Marlon Dingle who were rescued Cameron was electrocuted. Kathy and her niece, Alice, remained in the village until late ; by then, Kathy had outlived two husbands.

Billy Hopwood crashed his truck into a lake on 1 Februaryattracting 8. Pearl soon set her cap at Len but he took a while to see she was the woman for him.

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The arrival of Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick in December annoys Pearl, as Vanessa is constantly trying to force her into leaving her job because of her age. Laurel Thomas was apparently visiting her sister when Barton fell from the viaduct, but there is evidence that she had returned to Emmerdale earlier than she claimed.

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Many of its members, and those of the Merrick and Skilbeck families, have left or been killed off since the mids. Sarah's lover, Richie Carter, was trapped in the barn but was rescued by Sarah's husband Jack.

They walked away, but on her way home Gemma fell and was rushed to hospital where she died.

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Betty wasn't interested, so Pearl, realising Joe had feelings for her, gave him the ticket. Presently, she is working as the receptionist at the vet's. Storylines Over the years, Emmerdale has highlighted a range of different social issues, including rapecancermiscarriagedementiahomosexualityarsonmurderHIVsexual assaultpost traumatic stress disorderbrain aneurysmadulterydomestic violencefinancial problems, embezzlementsexual abusealcoholismdrug addictionanorexiateenage pregnancygambling addictionbereavementfraudsuicidemesotheliomaschizophreniamanslaughterbecoming a parent in later life, sudden infant death syndromeself-harmingassisted suicideepilepsy and premature births.

The funeral of Alan Turner Richard Thorp in October deeply upsets Pearl and she for a few days is too upset to go out. The Sugdens, owners of Emmerdale Farm, were its first family.

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Creation[ edit ] Init was revealed that Edna Birch was to get a new sparring partner. The buildings are one of the few original filming locations used for the entire series, and have been involved in many storylines.

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InChris Tate's ex-wife Charity and their son Noah returned to the village. Filming returned to Esholt for a one off episode in for the Ashley Thomas dementia special which aired December The Harewood houses are timber-framed and stone-faced. When Barton set fire to a barn in an effort to kill her, she went into labour, but Barton then stole her baby.

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Given that Thomas blames Barton for bullying her late husband Ashley before his own death, she too is a definite suspect. She did, but only after she bumped into Daz Eden Luke Tittensorbruised and running away from his Mum and her boyfriend.

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Creskeld Hall, in Arthington, Home Farm. The village is built on green-belt land, with its buildings classified as "temporary structures" which must be demolished within ten years unless new planning permission is received. Clive and Rod were found unconscious, and Ian escaped with cuts and bruises. Eventually they got together and Len proposed in church one day.

On 13 Julythe Kings River house collapse was seen by 6. Lindley House Hawthorn Cottage — — Matt and Peggy's former home, the second Emmerdale Farm, was sold and converted into a quarry.

Their circumstances had changed in their two decades in the village; Chas Dingle owned half of The Woolpackwith Charity Dingle owning the other half, and Marlon was a chef there. Pearl told Owen the truth about his father and Owen admitted that he already knew, having found the details on the internet.

Wednesday, 22 November To save her father, Annie Sugden gave them a getaway car.

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Inthe Barton and White families had slowly been diminished, while the Sugden, and later the Tate, family had been brought back into front-burner storylines. There is no plan to demolish the set, and a new planning application has been drawn up. On Christmas Day7. Inmost of the Dingles remained, with having actually increased their numbers in Emmerdale over recent years.

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Betty and Pearl were very competitive over their jam recipes but Pearl won.