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The Dot has the ability to be a singing lead guitar, unlike the Casino, because the semi hollow body prevents feedback. Block inlays instead of dots. The Epiphone Casino is a lightweight, acoustic guitar. Dot neck just like the newest re-issue. Take a look at the example below. The Casino and Dot are altogether different species, and both are traditional guitars.

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Yet the coil size of the P90s gives a fatter and sometimes more growly sound than Fender single coils produce. Gibson has released another ES re-issue. The had features which made it particularly good for rock and roll.

They also have a difference in body, weight, price and other features. Shape of the ears changed so less like Mikey Mouse ears. The ES originally sold more that the ES The gold flakes off and looks pretty ratty after a while. The Dot is preferred if you need the quiet, because it has humbuckers, whereas the Casino is preferred gap thep roulette you want loud and clear sounds.

There were right-handed guitar players around when I was a kid, so every time I picked one up, I held it in a left-handed position.

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Western PA johmica said: Orignially manufactured from to Fully hollow thinline dual cutaway guitar with P90 single coil pickups. The neck joins the body at the 15th fret. The Dot is well made, and weighs 7. But the Sherry has a much nicer looking headstock. I love these guitars for blues. But the ES soon overtook the ES because of its versatility.

The Casino is a hollow body guitar and the Sheraton has a center block of wood down the middle of the body.

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End of original production run. How hard would it be for Gibson to reproduce that? Insights and incites by Notes 0.

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The Casino is lightweight, but the Dot is heavyweight. Please spread the word. Eventually I tried a Casino and loved it the first time I played it. It is a completely hollow, thinline guitar with two P90s. The Epiphone casino is truly an acoustic guitar, whereas the Dot is semi acoustic. It was actually all the hype about the Beatles and the Casino which kept me from trying the guitar for years.

The early history of the Casino is therefore quite similar to the ES The Casino wins for personal reasons of many people, such as those who are great fans of the Beatles may buy the Casino. This was soon after Epiohone was purchased by Gibson.

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It had a long neck as an option not standard for 4 of 13 years. The Casino has more feedback because of its true hollow body. You can practice the Casino unplugged, and can it be played without amp, whereas the Dot has two humbuckers and is a thinline guitar.

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I purchased one of the overseas made Casinos and plan on keeping even as I consider reducing my guitar collection by half.