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The solo in the middle is said to be John, but it sounds more like Paul's style to me compare it to the lead fills on "Ticket to Ride" and other songs from '65 on which Paul is known to have played lead.

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While it was there I had the stock tuners replaced with kidney shaped Grovers which I prefer. The bridge did not have to be replaced, in fact my luthier refused to replace it since he doesn't believe in replacing parts on a guitar that don't need replacing.

It seems like it will bring everything up equally, and then the high strings would still sound weaker.

Upgrading the wiring in an Epi Casino...Advice requested.

Also the sounds clips for the 50's wind P90's on the Lollar website seem to have better tone than what I'm hearing from my pickups, but I think they were done with an LP or LP Special. To restate my problem more clearly, it feels like the bridge P90 in my Casino has a volume drop on the top two strings compared to the lower four strings, particularly I'm noticing it on solos up at the 12th fret and above.

At minimum, I think this would involve replacing the nut to put the wider grooves for the wound strings on top. I couldn't stop thinking about it when I first found it in the store, I went back the next day and brought it canyonlands needles slot canyon. I'm thinking the pickup itself isn't very well balanced now that I homero blackjack some better pickups to compare it with.

I'm all over it!

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I've searched for information on what guitars were used on "Day Tripper". So it's possible that a different guitar, possibly even Paul on his Casino, is playing along.

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He polished the saddles and reversed them, and bent the wire in between each saddle to stop the rattle. The bridge rattles, that is standard with the ABR 1 bridge and not unique to the Casino.

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But I found the one for me, or should I say it found me. A spacer on the bridge pickup might help overall output, but I'm not sure that's going to bring up the top two strings in relation to the rest of the guitar.

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I guess I could raise the pole pieces for the top two strings on the bridge pickup and see what that does. The Fortress of Solitude Well, when I btc gambling free "left-handed Casino", I mean a standard Casino I don't think they made left-handed ones, and in any case Paul's was originally right-handed modified for a left-handed player.

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Ameristar casino gift shop hours it seems to me that you'd have to do more than just re-string it to play it right-handed again.

However, the riff is double-tracked, and I think "Day Tripper" pre-dates the tape-machine "automatic double tracking" invented by the Abbey Road engineers I think that was first used for the Revolver sessions.

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Pete, you're right that the LP should sound stronger or more full, that makes sense to me. I simply got tired of applying nail polish on the retaining wire to silence the wire so I asked my luthier to set it up properly.

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The one serious mod that I did was to raise the bridge pickup with popsicle sticks that I cut to size to slide under the pickup where it meets the body. Here's mine with the stock tuners: Whereas on my LP, those same solos don't drop in volume compared to the rest of my LP strings, does that make sense?