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If the contestants had the same score at the end of the game, the scores were reset and the contestants played one tiebreaker question each, again attempting to match all six celebrities. The rules and gameplay were the same as before, including the star wheel bonus, but the format was altered slightly.

Each ticket plug had two people's faces merged into one image by putting a man's face on a woman's head, putting a mustache on a woman's face, or putting a pair of red lips on a man's face or simply putting two halves of the faces together.

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Ironically, the wheel stopped on Dawson the first time it was used, inspiring several panelists including Dawson to stand up from their places and leave the set momentarily out of disbelief. After they finished, the contestant verbally gave an answer.

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Due to CBS News coverage of the Watergate hearings, the network delayed the premiere one week from its slated date of June 25 to July 2. The syndicated Match Game helped exacerbate the perception of the 4: The following Monday, Home was temporarily expanded to 90 minutes to fill the show's time slot ABC returned the noon time slot to its affiliates in The show's th and final episode aired on July 12, The show was timed so that two new contestants appeared each Monday; this was necessary as the tapes of the show were shipped between stations, and weeks could not be aired in any discernible order.

The contestant ahead at the end of the second match-up round won the game and kept any money earned. If the game ended in a tie, one last fill-in-the-blank phrase was shown to both contestants along with three choices.

Meanwhile, Match Game kept its pogo slot machines standing in the ratings despite a short-lived move ahead one half-hour from August to December The main game was played in two rounds three on Match Game PM after the first season.

CBS attempted to correct the problem on December 12,with a scheduling shuffle among Match, Price, and Tattletales. A team scored 25 points if two teammates matched answers or 50 points if all three contestants matched. For instance, the definitive answer for "Did you hear about the new religious group of dentists?

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Very few episodes of the s The Match Game survive see episode status below. This show became a major hit in its own right, eventually surpassing the parent program. McLean Stevensonwho had done so once in September and twice near the end of the second year of this version, appeared in nearly all of the third season —82 and became a regular from the eleventh taped week through the end of the season.

Instead of simply choosing a celebrity, the contestant spun a wheel that was divided into six sections, each marked with a different celebrity's name.

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The only celebrity guests who had appeared on previous versions of the show were Vicki Lawrence who appeared on two weeks of the s version and regularly on the —91 version and Nell Carter who had appeared on the final week in On the syndicated versions, which had no returning champions, positions were determined by a backstage coin toss.

The contestant earned one point for cathay cinema time slot celebrity who wrote down the same answer or reasonably similar as determined by the judges; for example, "rear end" matched "bottom" or a similar euphemism up to a maximum of six points for matching everyone on the celebrity panel. Staffing and ratings[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message Two contestants competed on each episode. In Match Game PM, the questions with the most obvious answers were typically used in the third round. Noting a ratings boon resulted when The Price Is Right and Match Game were paired in afternoons, a major hole in the schedule had developed in the morning slot that The Price Is Right had left behind.

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The idea for Family Feud which Dawson began hosting in was derived from the audience match. Along with the other two that you do," to the amusement of the audience.

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The first celebrity response to match a contestant's answer gave that contestant the victory. Popular questions featured a character named " Dumb Dora " or "Dumb Donald. Gene Wood returned as announcer, with Bob Hilton filling in for one week.

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The lone noticeable difference was in the tie-breaker. Each celebrity had two red dots placed under his or her name, and the stake was doubled if the wheel landed on one of them.

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However, few of the regular Squares cast appeared on this version.