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Travel west from the Bhirabata outpost.

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There is a body with the mask on the outside corner at the northeastern end of the Shinning Minds Seminary. Search the south wall of the building in the middle of Rajgad.

Travel to Lhumtse Barracks. Search the east wall of the building at the southwest corner of the compound.

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There is a well at the back side of the house at The Goat's Lair. It is on a wall near the south entrance gate, on the right.

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The mask is inside the drawer. Travel to The Royal Fortress. Search the front wall of the first floor of the bell tower. It is on the west wall of a building. Find the white car, then go down to the bottom of the pond close to it to find the mask on a rock.

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The skeleton has the mask. Travel to Shanath Hunters, and go to the east side of the compound.

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It is on the east wall of the second story. Directly on petit sac roulette maternelle front of this building. At the end is a corpse with the mask. Travel to Pranijigat School X: Offline and online game modes available, but Internet connection is required for online play, and in the case of the Xboxan active Xbox Live account.

Most of the quests become available from liberated outposts. Travel to Pranijagat School, enter the compound, then go to the building towards the south. Travel to Kyra Tea Terraces X: Go to the compound but do not enter.

The mask is in the small pool of water beneath it. If you are detected, you can still complete the mission successfully if all bombs far cry 4 gambling defused before time runs out. Search the southeast wall.

Search the front wall of the safe house. Search the north wall. It rideaux roulette on the east wall of the building located to the southeast.

Talk to the fur trapper who lost his wife to honey badgers. Go to the Lakeside Sherpa Camp, and proceed to the boulder near the tent. It is on the northwest wall of the building. It is on the sign directly in front of the mine. Storage Tuk Tuk race: Travel near Army Supply Flight 's crash site.

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