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Its income depends on the amount of interest paid by all players. Player's 3D evaluation - 21 March Player's evaluation has been added in 3 dimensions: It also displays the Farmer Market's button for easy access to the market in case you would like to purchase the remaining of the quantity requested.

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Orders reward EP, CC and customer relationship points. Facebook login - 22 March From now on you may sign up to the game and login with your Facebook account. Sow seeds and raise animals as you try to make your farm the greenest place there is. The Farmhouse is a standalone building in your Farm. Activate it for free here! If you already play Farmersi use the 'Connect' option after regular login.

Social interaction is also great as you can gift your friends something from your farm. Learn from the best 2 - 25 March Learn the story of 3 cattle breeders, mice, grain thieves and the need to look at the goal of the game - ladies and gentlemen, specially for you a case study presenting an awesome victory in Sacramento. While a simple farming simulator would become boring after sometime playing, farmerama does a great job at keeping the player hooked onto the game.

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Please join our Tango Down romantic operation in Valentine City. The relation level is presented under the customer's picture. Once you have all the products required in your Barn, the order can be completed by clicking "Complete order".

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By reaching higher relationship levels the orders will also diversify and the rewards will improve. League statistics - 26 September Individual league statistics have been added.

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For each customer there is a list of farm orders it wants you to complete. Looking for a comprehensive online casino guide?

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One of these freebies includes the farm wheel which you can spin once every day to earn some great prizes. Task statistics added - 25 November Task games statistics have been added. The best part is that all the different places have a unique feel to them so none of them feel like a copy-pasted version of the place you were before. The Birthday Contest is over - 26 September The contest is over - congratulations galmari!

Depending on how good your relationship is with a customer, the customer can place one or more orders simultaneously.

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The new property is now available in 10 towns: The game has a huge world to explore and farm your heart out in. You'll play in a team with a bot, whom you can give some instructions. Advertisment- 14 February Read online slots reviews and find the best game for you! Farmerama is an award winning farm simulator where as you could guess name, you have to build your farm by planting crops, raising animals and doing other farm related activities.


Each order's overview is available by clicking Details. You figure out how to raise your animals and herd them and along with this you also perform multiple other farming tasks as you work to expand your tiny little farm into a gigantic one. There is an obscene amount of places in farmerama where you can farm and cultivate.

Here, your virtual customers place orders everyday.

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Farmhouse orders are given to you by your virtual permanent and temporary customers, which are willing to pay CC and EP in return of your goods. The game has things like golden sheep or rainbow colored chickens that can be acquired by completing a given task and they add a whole new flare to your farm.

The first slot is always open default to the customer.

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Game Rating Full Review Submit Your Review Cancel Please fill in the title and the full review fields The review text can be a maximum of characters long Please rank the game before submitting your review The review title can be a maximum of 50 characters long Farmerama is an online browser based farming simulation game where your job is to maintain a farm consisting of crops and animals etc.

Find out more details and good luck! Learn from the best 1 - 20 March See the story of an awesome team victory in Richmond.

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Free premium account farmerama slots everyone! Only mixed pairs can play there and the town will be burned to ground after the contest is over. You start out small with not much under your belt but gradually you learn to sow seeds and harvest your crops. A new layer will open and you will see the Order requirement, and whether if you farmerama slots enough goods in your Barn or not.