Vulnerabilities of Casinos and Gaming Sector

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A method involving numerous transactions deposits, withdrawals, transfersoften various people, high volumes of small transactions and sometimes numerous accounts to avoid detection threshold reporting obligations. The FATF findings also stress the importance of access to Internet Service Provider ISP records which it suggests should be kept for between six months and at least a year to enable connections to be traced.

Gaming activities casinos, horse racing, internet gambling etc: Purchase of valuable assets real estate, race horses, vehicles, etc: Informal mechanisms based on networks of trust used to remit monies.

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Criminal proceeds are invested in high-value negotiable goods to take advantage of reduced reporting requirements to obscure the source of proceeds of crime. Findings provide decision makers and operational experts with up-to-date empirical information in order that they may develop policies and strategies to combat these threats.

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If you have a subscription to moneylaunderingbulletin. Fines analytics FATF focuses on Internet risk The Financial Action Task Force highlights the anonymity and geographic separation advantages of the Internet for the launderer in its annual typologies exercise report for Exploited by money launderers and terrorist financiers to move value without detection and to obscure the identity of those controlling funds.

Examples include cell phone-based remittance and payment systems.

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Click here to request free access. Betting is mainly by credit card and the offshore location of many of the casinos, which also hold the records of the gambling transactions that could be needed as evidence in court, renders pursuit and prosecution extremely difficult.

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This includes your personal copy of the latest issue. Use of nominees, trusts, family members or third parties etc: Request free access You can request a free access to Money Laundering Bulletin. A key step in money laundering involves combining proceeds of crime with legitimate business monies to obscure the source of funds. It calls for a re-examination of customer identification and know your customer policies to address the growth of on-line banking and says that jurisdictional obstacles must be tackled.

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May be used to raise terrorist funds, obscure the source and nature of funds and to distribute terrorist finances Investment in capital markets: A subscription provides the latest hardcopy sent to you ten times a year, access to our online archive, and full access to the site. Used as instruments to access funds held in a financial institution, often in another jurisdiction.

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