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A traitor gave Colonel Chivington directions to the camp.

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In order to regain strength as leaders and further negotiations for land in Wyoming, many chiefs and their warriors enlisted as army scouts for the United States and campaigned against their allies. The Sioux thought that the Arapaho were United States Army Indian Scouts and invited them back to their camp along the Little Bighorn River, where they were captured and had their guns taken from them.

The Arikara referred to the Arapaho as the "Colored Stone Village People ", possibly because gemstones from the Southwest were among the trade items.

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Warriors had larger roles than combat in the society. The next day was the battle and, despite being viewed with suspicion, the five Arapaho actively fought in the battle. The few warriors present at the camp put up a strong defense and covered the women and children as most escaped beyond the reach of the soldiers and Indian scouts.

The next time I saw Custer he was dead, and some Indians were taking his buckskin clothes. With mountain man Jim Bridger leading the forces they charged the camp. Chief Left Hand and his people got the message that only those Indians that reported to Fort Lyon would be considered peaceful and all others would be considered hostile and ordered killed.

Rather than heroic, Colonel Chivington's efforts were considered a gross embarrassment to the Cavalry since he attacked peaceful elders, women and children.

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The large number of miners and settlers competed directly with the Indians for resources such as food along the trail. They became well-known traders on the plains and bordering Rocky Mountains. The tribe had been deprived of their normal wintering grounds in the Boulder area.

Once in the area of the Powder River the Arapaho noticed an increase in travelers moving along the established Bozeman trail, which led to the Montana gold fields. Howohoono'and Kaw Honoho' east of their territory. By custom the Arapaho tattooed small circles on their bodies.

Each of the eight Arapaho military societies had their own unique initiation rites, pre- and post- battle ceremonies and songs, regalia, and style of combat. Each age level had its own society for prestigious or promising warriors of the matching age.

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Coups may include stealing horses while undetected, touching a living enemy, or stealing a gun from an enemy's grasp. All the other soldiers were down. Fetterman who led a force of 79 soldiers and two civilians after a group of ten Indian decoys planning on luring Fetterman's forces into an ambush.

Warriors from both sides of the trail charged Fetterman and forced them into nearby rocks where the battle soon became hand-to-hand combat giving the Indians the upper hand due to their skill in fighting with hand held weapons such as tomahawks and war-clubs. Unlike their Cheyenne, Lakota, and Dakota allies, the Arapaho military societies were age based.

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Ledger drawing of an Arapaho warrior in battle with a U. Famous Mountain Man and guide to the soldiers stationed at Fort Laramie Jim Bridger commented on how the soldiers "don't know anything about fighting Indians". The Arapaho frequently encountered fur traders in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and the headwaters of the Platte and Arkansas.

The bison herds which were the center of life for the Indians were considerably smaller due to government supported whole-scale slaughter in order to prevent collisions with does blackjack speed count work, conflict with ranch cattle, and to force nomadic plains Indians to adopt reservation life living off government handouts.

Those that did not sign the treaty were called "hostile" and were continually pursued by the US Army and their Indian scouts. Most young men worked to qualify for this rank.

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Culture[ edit ] Gender and division of labor[ edit ] Traditionally, men are responsible for hunting. Chief Sharp Nose, who was considered as influential and equal to Black Coal, was noted as "the inspiration of the battlefield The soldiers suffered only a single casualty. The battle was fought along the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana. Confused, Chief Left Hand and his followers turned away and traveled a safe distance away from the Fort to camp.

Much of the hostilities took place in Colorado leading to many of the events being referred to as part of the so-called Colorado War.

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Like in previous wars, the US recruited Indian warriors from tribes that were enemies with the Arapaho—Cheyenne—Lakota—Dakota alliance to act as Indian scouts, most notably from the CrowArikaraand Shoshone.