How deep should my fret slots be?

Fret slot depth, shop with confidence

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This is the starting point for a refret, fretdress, or initial fretting of a new instrument. Match radius to fingerboard with slight overbend. If the slot is smaller than the string it may bind and create tuning problems.

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Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. A poorly angled nut slot can create a buzz like sound that can often be silenced if downward pressure is applied to the string behind the nut over the peghead.

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Step 8 — Bevel fret slot edges and polish the fretboard. Does not apply Be sure your fretwire will fit -don't wait until after you've installed a fret to discover the slot wasn't quite deep enough Use this handy tool to check the deptfh of your fret slots, and to see if there is any unwanted debris in the slots Developed here at StewMac by Dan Erlewine Machined from stainless steel for durability in the repair shop, with a non-glare etched surface that's easy to read Dimensions: Work wood glue into frets 3 or 4 at a time.

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That's where this small but mighty tool comes in. The nut can then be removed just as any other without having to make a new shim.

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Slot fret slots to the proper depth with a Dremel tool and precision router base. Be careful with the bit — they are expensive. Several frets can be heated at a time.

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Adjusting String Height It is important to have the instruments saddle height and truss rod set properly prior to cutting the string depth in the nut. Bei welchem online casino kann man mit paypal bezahlen frets flush at the end of the fingerboard with flat ground fret blackjack pizza baltimore number, not the fret pullers.

Lubricating Nut Slots On occasion it is helpful to lubricate the nut slot to reduce friction, binding and pinging.

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Step 11 — Clamp, clip, and bevel the frets. How about filling low slots and casino resorts in mesquite nevada Try to remove test fret wire without bending it. Cutting a slot too deeply will place the string against the first fret and result in buzzing.

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Radius the fret wire.