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Two months later, Stein's company sued the tribe whose council he helped organize. Tongva villages extended south to Laguna Beach though the Juanenos claim the Tongva never settled beyond the estuary at Newport Beach.

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Now, a tribe that nearly disappeared is mired in a legal battle over who has the right to control its destiny -- and what role gambling might play in its future. State recognition accompanied by substantial rights is appropriate for the same reasons that California has, without federal approval, undertaken separate pollution-control standards and other statewide initiatives.

Three years ago, the two men and several other members of the new tribal council sued Morales' band, seeking membership records and other historical and genealogical documents that tribal members had amassed, which they thought could be useful in making the case for federal recognition.

The council hired former state Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco, now a lobbyist, to represent the tribe in Sacramento. The California Jurisdiction Act of authorized the California Attorney General to represent the Gabrielino Tribe, among others, and to bring their land claims before the U.

I start with a protection first philosophy to ensure that what they have today and what they will have tomorrow will not be exposed to risk. Almost immediately, the two clashed with the Gabrielino organization in San Gabrielino indian casino, which has spent decades researching tribal history. The Tongva occupied villages to the north up to Topanga Canyon in Malibu where they ran into the Chumash, sometimes violently.

In recent years, they have been trying to reconstruct their history, revive dances and folklore and win federal recognition. The lawsuit accused Morales of wrongly excluding Dunlap and others gabrielino indian casino a corporation the tribe had formed. It says Stein tried to make himself the sole signatory on bank accounts and refused to return membership records.

Watching the spectacle from the sidelines, other Native Americans in Los Angeles say they are aghast. He sued Libra Securities too, saying Libra was in on the plan. Loyola Marymount University, a conservative Catholic university, in dedicated a garden to the history of the Tongva in Westchester.

Stein also sued Polanco, saying the former state senator persuaded the tribal council to name Polanco to replace Stein. Most people had told Dunlap to forget his slot machine fantasies. From this sum was deducted the cost of administration of the claims.

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Stein contends it is he who has been victimized -- by tribal members who spurned him after he got investors to give them millions of dollars to pursue their long-shot quest for gaming rights. The Court of Claims, in California Indians v.

But at that first dinner and at another in Manhattan Beach a short while later, Stein convinced Dunlap that it could be done, either by pursuing brad pitt blackjack recognition for the Gabrielinos or by getting state lawmakers to give the go-ahead without it. But Stein said it is he who is protecting the interests of the tribe.

But, he added, "the door is not shut. Complicating their efforts have been divisions among Gabrielino descendants and a lack of documentation on the tribe's culture. After that, Stein began urging state lawmakers to allow the Gabrielinos to have a casino without federal recognition.

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Last weekend, Reynoso flew to Southern California and addressed tribal members at each of the dueling meetings. The Indian Claims Commission addressed the claims of the Gabrielino Tribe in Docket 80, where the Gabrielino group was treated as an Indian tribe, but only its members were named as plaintiffs.

Throughout out my life, I have worked diligently at all tasks, to demonstrate that I am a hard worker and a proud person. They made some progress, but the partnership has collapsed in acrimony and lawsuits. As a representative of our Tribe, I will continue to demonstrate our proud culture and healthy work ethic during tribal events, business affairs of the Tribe, and at cultural events where I will represent the Tribe to the public.

Last weekend they held dueling public meetings. Vincent was recommended by the Tribal Council after a formal application process with the Tribe. She also has three grandsons.

Archaeology delineating the historical lands of the Tongva was substantially complete bywhen over sites had been excavated. The dozens of Indian casinos that have sprouted in California are on federally recognized Indian land, something the Gabrielinos do not have.

For six years, a recently organized group of Gabrielinos has worked with Santa Monica lawyer Jonathan Stein, who convinced them he could do what many said was impossible: They survived the Spanish missions, Mexican settlers and white developers.

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In addition to serving on the Tribal Council, she is in her second year as treasurer for her homeowners association. In her spare time you can find her spending time with her family, sun tanning, hiking or playing golf.

They were discovered in a locked desk drawer in the Senate Archives in The new locations largely confirm the work done bylong before Indian gaming made such information economically important. Inthree U.

Meet Our Tribal Council

Dunlap said he enthusiastically agreed. The current legal saga began six years ago over dinner in Westwood. Marble plaques, granite walls and metal lettering describe two thousand years of Tongva history in the area, their cultural beliefs, and ends with a quotation from Martin Alcala, a current Council member. Both agreed that there were possibilities.