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The sound check was phenomenal.

Dean was doing his part by helping out to take thousands of pics of attendees, dignitaries which included some famous rockers from Rush and other bands, and the sponsors of the show. He asked Dean what he was doing there.

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Cool as a cucumber he methodically nonchalantly told Andre he had credentials from the promoter and was just doing his authorized job. I took a million and one pictures for Lizzie and while doing so ran into Tara Ricart the Live Nation VIP coordinator who remembered me from Florida and gleefully caught wind of my fumbling around with the infamous iphone After the sound check golden grin casino loud for the semi private charity event started setting up.

Big Bank came out well after launch and closely matches the 'Arrow-Tree' image, so expecting GGC to match a page as well seems reasonable. Bains Guide images can be found here: After a short intermission that seemed like an eternity, Mortgage online gambling band came out, and there is only one word to describe their performance LeRoy and Sheila Melms.

Killing the "The King" in stealth. Adding to the mix was getting through the quagmire of this special event as connected to the Brian Wilson tour machine handling Jeff Beck and his band. It was great to see the Brian Wilson fans watching Jeff and listening to the music and finally understanding what we already know The Charity part of the evening got underway and they raised in real time well in excess of some forty thousand dollars for a most worthy cause the San Miguel school whose student performance statistics are off the charts.

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He said, "You have to learn to love what you do, otherwise you'll go downhill pretty fast. Now I am really screwed. Needless to say the rest of the sound check I did not let that phone go off the camera screen no matter what it took! The two marquee names will take the stage together with Beach Boys members Al Jardine and David Marks and delve into an inventory of hits.

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We will never forget it!!! Lizzie introduced us to Jeff, who was very nice and extremely calm when my camera jammed; he was gracious enough to sign my Guitar Shop CD, and he gave me a thumbs up for remembering to bring my own Sharpie pen! Then Lizzie came through. We had both come a long way and come hell or high water we were going to be at ground zero center stage right with our pal Dean who was poised to start shooting what turned out to be the two best concert photo opportunities of his life!!

These both seem to indicate that The Box may be fake. He also took upstairs photos of Fender donated Strats of which Jeff had signed a few for charity contest winners.

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On our way out of the building, we got lost and ended up back on the stage where Lizzie appeared again and was kind enough to pose for a couple of pictures. Jeff was extremely relaxed, riffing up a storm, and very into his fellow band musicians.

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This really started for me when I got an e-mail from a friend a couple months ago that said, "Congrats, you deserve it! I thanked her for doing the introduction and breaking the ice since I was so nervous, but she said I seemed very calm and totally had it together.

Perhaps instead of playing for the psychopomp and killing "The King", we move "The King" out of check? Thanks, again, for the opportunity to post our experience.

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Originally posted by Sumoses: I posit the gallows in the image corresponds to the winch we use to position the drill above the vault. All hugs and smiles she greeted both me and Doc and was totally psyched for the performance ahead.

That made me feel very special! We started counting down weeks, then days, and then hours!

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The GGC also has chessboards out for us to see with all peices in the starting positionseven though a chessboard in a casino is quite out of place. So what is left for a man who has seemingly achieved every musical milestone to accomplish?