Frank Zappa

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When Zappa was about to hand over the tape, he was arrested, and the police stripped the studio of all recorded material. Zappa took the opportunity to radically restructure the contents, adding newly recorded, improvised dialogue. During the recording of Freak Out! We're Only in It for the Money featured some of the most creative audio editing and production yet heard in pop music, and the songs ruthlessly satirized the hippie and flower power phenomena.

Instead, friends moved in, notably James "Motorhead" Sherwood.

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Not having enough money with him, he persuaded the salesman to sell him the record at a discount. XV Zappa lost several recordings made at Studio Z in the process, as the police only returned 30 out of 80 hours of tape seized.

Bands such as AMM and Faust also contributed to the radio sampling techniques of the s. While recording in the studio, some of the additional session musicians were shocked that they were expected to read the notes on sheet music from charts with Zappa conducting them, since it was not standard when recording rock music. Wilson provided the industry clout and connections and was able to provide the group with the financial resources needed.

A doctor treated his sinusitis by inserting a pellet of radium into each of Zappa's nostrils. The track as it appears on the album was created to act as the backing track for a much more complex work, but MGM refused to approve the additional recording time Zappa needed to complete it, so much to his chagrin it was issued in this unfinished form.

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Wilson nominally produced the Mothers' second album Absolutely Freewhich was recorded grips casino Novemberand later mixed in New York, although by this time Zappa was in de facto control of most facets of the production.

Wilson signed the Mothers to the Verve division of MGMwhich had built up a strong reputation for its releases of modern jazz recordings in the s and s, but was attempting to diversify into pop and rock audiences.

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The album has "consistently been voted as one of top greatest albums ever made". Zappa's senior yearbook photo, Bythe Zappa family had moved to Lancastera small aerospace and farming town in the Antelope Valley of the Mojave Desert close to Edwards Air Force Base ; he would later refer to Sun Village a town close to Lancaster in the track "Village of the Sun".

In a surviving radio interview, Zappa explained that the album's outlandish minute closing track, "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet" was in fact an unfinished piece. His health worsened when he lived in Baltimore. Zappa's interest in the guitar grew, and in he was given his first instrument.

By age 12, he had obtained a snare drum and began learning the craps rules and regulations of orchestral percussion.

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From then on, Zappa produced all albums released by the Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist. It was renamed Studio Z. Studio Z[ edit ] Zappa attempted to earn a living as a musician and composer, and played different nightclub gigs, some with a new version of the Grips casino.

He had full control over the arrangements and musical decisions and did most overdubs. He convinced the other members that they should play his music to increase the chances of getting a record contract.

During the early s, Zappa wrote and produced songs for other local artists, often working with singer-songwriter Ray Collins and producer Paul Buff. Zappa and a female friend recorded a faked erotic episode.

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This proved successful and Herb Cohen extended the booking, which eventually lasted half a year. Childhood[ edit ] Zappa was born on December 21, in BaltimoreMaryland. Marines from the audience onto the stage, where they proceeded to dismember a big baby doll, having been told by Zappa to pretend that it was a " gook baby". After a time in Florida in the s, the family returned to Marylandwhere Zappa's father worked at the Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare facility of the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

It represented a collection of doo-wop songs; listeners and critics were not sure whether the album was a satire or a tribute. After the contractual problems were resolved, the album was reissued by Verve in Everything was directed by Zappa using hand signals.

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During the late s, Zappa continued to develop the business sides of his career. It contains many themes that appeared on later Zappa records. Zappa believed his childhood diseases might have been due to exposure to mustard gas, released by the nearby chemical warfare facility.

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At that time, only a handful of the most sophisticated commercial studios had multi-track facilities; the industry standard for smaller studios was still mono or two-track. Yet, there was a place for seemingly conventional love songs.