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Hearthstone casino mage loe. How I beat all Heroic bosses in LoE First Wing : hearthstone

After turn 4 I think you are offered to be healed 10, or draw 2 cards. More info here Your opponent got a turn 4 Rag before you could deal with it! Cutting fireballs wouldn't have occurred to me but I haven't missed them -- I also hadn't realized that silenced doomsayers have echo synergy.

Don't think this matters too much; usually 5 damage won't be the difference between winning and losing. Huge thanks once again to Freshca go follow him! Right away the zoo matchup started working for me and hunter games became winnable.

Does the word "heterological" describe itself? I think you almost have to take the mana crystal to win. So I made a list that looked like this: Hope this helped some of you out! Deathlords are unbelievably good in this deck, to an extent that isn't really possible in any other deck than fatigue mage since of all the fatigue decks, only mages with their huge clear cards actually want the power to manipulate enemy minions onto the board, whereas non-fatigue decks don't like how it effectively draws the opponent a card.

1. Deck List

So a couple days into playing the list I queued into Freshca and he stomped me with a rogue deck he was tinkering with, but when he saw my two coldlights, he said "Oh hey, I've actually been working on a deck like that, it's really fun to play. Why even use coldlights?

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Don't know what happens on the other turn if you don't skip the turn, sorry. This is my unrefined deck that I used to beat it on my first try. I also ran Vaporize but it never got proc'd in my run. Why are you still using deathlords?

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Wrapup That's it for now! Very draw reliant and I think I got lucky.

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There's not much else to sub out. I won't go card-by-card, but deathlord deserves particular mention as a cornerstone of the strategy. A big chunk of the win rate comes from queueing into warlocks, but warlock is always in season, so much so that I believe I'll be hitting legend with this list.

Coldlights double as the deck's card draw and finishing burst damage, so echoing those isn't bad either. I took the two cards here to get more freezes as you only need to live for 9 turns. I hope you enjoyed the writeup and I hope you give this deck a shot in ranked.

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You just have to swallow some RNG on this one. This isn't a real mill deck! Don't have my specific decklist that I used for this, but it wasn't refined at all and I'm sure there are much better ones.

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I'd love to get sunwalkers back in somehow for the control warrior matchup but I probably won't try cutting earthens for them until I've hit legendary. Dancing swords help with the mill, sunwalkers are great to copy if you want to go deep vs control. Freshca had been streaming his mill rogue for a while, and I recalled the games against the old miracle rogue when my freeze mage would end up winning by fatigue.