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In a universe where Christianity never happened, thus having no Renaissance art, the Sistine Chapel ceiling has been decorated with pictures of Jodie Foster by John Warnock Hinckley Jr. IdahoMontanaand Utah abolished the defense altogether.

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Justice Department counsel argued that Hinckley had been known to deceive his doctors in the past. The court denied Hinckley's request for additional privileges.

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His Internet use is subject to limitations and scrutiny, and he is not allowed to erase his computer's web browser history. Hinckley is portrayed by Steven Flynn in the american television film dramatization, Without Warning: Inhe told Penthouse that on a normal day he would "see a therapist, answer mail, play guitar, listen to music, play pool, watch television, eat lousy food and take delicious medication".

Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan On March 30,at 2: Court hearings were held in September on whether he could have expanded privileges to leave the hospital.

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Hinckley was permitted up to eight day visits, with evaluation after the completion of each one. The judge ruled that Hinckley could have up to three visits of three nights and then four visits of four nights, each depending on the successful completion of the last.

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He is played by Trevor Moore and is seen plotting and explaining his motives in a comedic fashion. The pivotal conditions of his release are that he has no contact with the Reagan family, the Brady family, Jodie Foster or Foster's family or agent.

The defense psychiatric reports portrayed him as insane while the prosecution reports characterized him as legally sane. On December 30,a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be allowed visits, supervised by his parents, to their home in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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Friedman denied that request on June 6, Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. The Justice Department opposed this, stating that Hinckley still poses a danger to the public. As a consequence, the United States Congress and a number of states revised laws governing when the insanity defense may be used by the defendant in a criminal prosecution.

The court also ordered that Hinckley be required to carry a GPS-enabled cell phone to track him whenever he was outside of his parents' home.

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At his trial inin Washington, D. Hinckley was allowed supervised visits with his parents again during and The novel also includes a fictionalization of Hinckley's former girlfriend, Leslie deVeau, whom he met at St Elizabeths Hospital.

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Hinckley did not hit Reagan directly, but seriously wounded him when a bullet ricocheted off the side of the presidential limousine and hit him in the chest. Brady's death was ruled a homicide 33 years after the shooting.

Hinckley is portrayed in the Killing Reagan movie which was released in

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