H.O.R.S.E. Poker Strategy -- In the Mix: Playing the River in Limit Hold'em

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Betting big is more profitable than betting small, even if you do not always get called. Very often, a player will miss their draw or find themselves with a poor hand on the river, and so they make a last ditch effort to win the pot with a wild bluff.

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In fact, I would say that it is an essential move when it comes to playing the river profitably. Thus I was very unhappy to see the hit the river, and even more unhappy to see the big blind bet it. Knowing that the big blind assumed that at least one of us would call, I convinced myself that the likelihood that the big blind was running a bluff was almost nil and that she must have made a flush.

You do not offer your opponent the opportunity to bluff with a weaker hand. It is actually better to check and call. That's why I folded. You may well get called less often, but you will still be making more money in the long run.

River Hold'em

The cutoff's biggest weakness that I had identified during previous sessions was that he tended to overplay top pair — especially against me. The big blind was savvy enough to realize that, with all of that money in the pot and with two opponents in the hand, there was no way she would be able to bluff both of us out of the hand.

It may seem as though you are winning more by getting lots of little calls, but it's the bigger bets that pull in the money. The problem was that, unlike no-limit hold'em, she couldn't make a big enough bet to scare multiple people out of the pot.

That's where I got stuck. So don't be afraid to bet the size of the pot on the river when you feel that you have the best of it. The pot was laying me to-1, and I was almost certain that I could beat the third player in the hand — the player in the cutoff. Of course, just because I know these concepts doesn't necessarily mean my opponents do.

I knew holdem river players reasonably well. Thus, I was in a situation where, if the big blind would bluff at least 1 in 13 times on this river, it was profitable for me to call. If you have a marginal hand on the river and you are not sure whether you have the best hand, it is always better to check rather than bet.

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The majority of last-ditch attempts to win the pot will fail, so be very wary of recklessly bluffing on the river. The big blind played most streets on the passive holdem river and could be calling with a wide range of reasonable starting holdem river. That made it two bets back to the big blind, who called.

This week I want to take a closer look at when and why bluffs on the river in limit hold'em can be successful, in order to better illustrate some of the fundamental concepts involved in river play. Your online casino holdem folds a weaker hand - so no benefit to us at all.

The three of us took a flop ofa pretty good flop for my hand but a very draw-heavy board. If you were holdem river take one thing away from this article holdem river more, but if it's just the one then so be itit should be that checking can be a very profitable option. For any bluff to be successful, it must be successful against all remaining players in the pot, not just one.

Holdem river a concept in limit poker of a "protected pot" — a pot where there are enough players left in a hand after all of the cards are out that any bluff will likely be called by at least one of the remaining players. So, the next time you plan on bluffing the river, think about how the rest of the hand played out. It is often very easy to spot unless you are careful.

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With all of the action, there were twelve big bets on previous streets, plus the big blind's river bet.