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As for example, the ribbon coaxial cables described in U. A connector for a coaxial cable, said cable comprising at least one central conductor defining a cable axis; at least one surrounding conductive shield element; a first insulating layer arranged between said shield element and said conductor; and an outer insulating jacket arranged about said shield element; said connector comprising two independent electrical contacts for simultaneously establishing electrical connections to said central conductor and said conductive shield including: They also serve to clamp the cable 21 in place to prevent it from pulling out of the connector Coaxial cables generally come in a wide range of diameters.

Various alternatives and modifications can be devised by those skilled in the art without idc slot from the invention. Thus, one set of manufacturing tooling can provide a contact 10 comprising a basic shape as in FIG. The contacts 10 are relatively thin so that they have a blade-like effect. A portion 38 of the coaxial cable 21 is stripped of the outer jacket 35 and shield 20 so that the insulating layer 36 is bared.

A contact as in claim 1 wherein said contact further includes a pin portion integral therewith adapted to be inserted in a circuit board.

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These patents also disclose electrical connectors for terminating the ribbon-type cable to a printed circuit board. The coaxial cable connector of this invention can be used for terminating a single coaxial cable or any desired number of coaxial cables.

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The latch mechanism 29 comprises windows 30 in the side walls 31 of the cover member A coaxial cable comprises at least one central conductor defining a cable axis; at least one surrounding conductor shield element; an insulating layer arranged between the shield and the conductor; and an outer insulating jacket arranged about the shield. This electrical connector is adapted to terminate four coaxial cables The slot widths of the contact 10 are first set by deforming or bending the respective webs 14 desired amounts.

Obviously, the prior art process, being a multiple step manual one, is extremely time consuming and slow. By using insulation displacement contacts, it is unnecessary to strip the insulation from the wire to be contacted.

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The conductor is terminated to the circuit board and the braid is "pig-tailed" and then joined to the circuit board. The prongs 16 are pushed or inserted through the metal braid or shield 20 such that the braided material tends to close about the cross section of the prongs 16 providing a good stable electrical connection.

The first contact means preferably includes means for stabilizing the electrical connection between the first contact means and the shield. A second IDC variable slot width contact means is provided for electrically contacting the central conductor by displacement of the insulating layer.

In prior art insulation displacement contacts, the slot into which the conductor is pushed to make electrical contact has a width dictated by the tooling used to manufacture it.

A vent is placed in the web of the contact 10 to determine the width of the slot Idc slot, the slot 11 of the contact 10 may not make sound electrical contact due to separation of the weave of the braided shield The slots 24 are defined by side walls 25 and end walls Each contact 10 comprises an integral metal member and is arranged in the base member 8 so that it is electrically isolated or insulated from each of the other contacts These cross-referenced applications are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety.

It is a still further object of this invention to provide a process for varying the slot width as an IDC electrical contact. The contact has a blade-like configuration with a slot having a width corresponding to the diameter of the electrical conductor. The first and second contacts 10 are arranged along a contact axis 23, as shown in FIGS.

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By varying the deformation or bending of the web connecting the legs of the contact, an accordion-like effect is provided which allows the width of the slot to be varied. Also, since the braid is cut back more than the central conductor, there is an impedance mis-match and this can produce a distorted signal.

The prongs are supported by the respective legs of the first contact means.

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The shield preferably comprises a braided shield on the prongs and the first IDC variable slot width contact can comprise a unitary member. The braid is then combed out and cut back somewhat less than the outer insulating jacket to expose the insulation around the conductor.

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