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The Widow Maker, also known as a mechanical bull, is for daring guests to show off their rodeo skills and impress the locals.

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Creative Commons Located south of PhoenixRawhide is a trek back in time to the exciting days of the old west. From here, signs will spell out the route to this exciting trip back in time. Trick roping and gun twirling are just the tip of the performance ceburg. According to the most recent data from the Tribal Enrollment Office, the Quechan population totals 2, members.

Special Tribal Events Contact the Tribe for local community events. The warm western hospitality and the incredible scenery provide a terrific backdrop for the following attractions: Additional services in the area are indian casino phoenix az available in nearby Yuma. Rawhide Attractions This wild western town offers a wide array of attractions that make it a must-see destination for any trip to Phoenix.

Largely an agriculture community, the Tribe leases its acre farm to a non-Indian farmer. In addition to farming and the sand and gravel operation, the Fort Yuma Quechan Reservation counts on tourism and related business to augment its economy.

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Unique appetizers like "fried rattlesnake" lure travelers to this western-style restaurant that has all the right fixings like steaks, barbeque, and prime rib. Water sports such as fishing, water skiing and swimming at lakes along the Colorado River are also available. Visitors can try their luck at this attraction and discover what it was really like to search for gold in the desert sun.

Head west to 48th Street. Creative Commons The Spirit of the West Theatre offers a myriad of western performances that captivate audience after audience.

The Rawhide Steakhouse and Saloon

Encompassing 45, acres, the reservation is bisected on the south by Interstate 8 I From the desert train to old time gunfights, to real camel rides, Rawhide is an adventure for travelers from near and far. Visitor Amenities Visitor services are limited to RV parks.

When complete it will feature a museum and a hotel.

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The saloon offers a wide variety of drinks and there is live entertainment to accompany the meals. The Desert Train Ride is a more relaxed way to skirt the town and enjoy a desert day's beauty or a great sunset.

Creative Commons The Six Gun Theatre and Rawhide Rough Riders put on a memorable stunt show complete with mesmerizing falls, explosions, and gun fights. With kicks and bucks, this mechanical bull will provide you with plenty of laughs and thrills.


It also operates a long-term sand and gravel lease with a non-Indian corporation which employs 8 to 10 tribal members. For centuries they battled the Papago, Apache, and other tribes for control of the fertile flood plains of the Colorado River created by Kumastamxo by tracing a course through the desert with the tip of his lance which is the boundary between California and Arizona.

A perfect way to kick back after a meal, a ride on the train is a fun excursion for the whole family. They capture all the daring excitement of nineteenth century life in a western town.

Camel Rides are a new feature of Rawhide and sure to be a hit with everyone age three and up. The Butterfield Stagecoach and its mule team offer visitors a chance to experience nineteenth century desert travel.

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Recently the Tribe entered into an agreement with Pacific Coast from Minnesota to develop a new casino. The theatre boasts a great schedule of shows throughout the day.

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Gold Panning is another popular activity around Rawhide. The hot summers and relatively warm winter temperatures make the site a desirable winter vacation spot from November to March. To serve this audience the Tribe manages five trailer and RV parks, a small grocery store, museum, bingo hall, utility company and a fish and game department.