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All of the apps use fake money and do not involve real cash except where the game is premium or where in-app purchases are an option. The site also offers a highly-competitive leaderboard for those looking to truly challenge themselves. The game is offline but contains in-app purchases.

Positively Nerd Street The free poker apps section is one of the most popular, lucrative and bloated categories of any app store. Once you've given poker a go, make sure to check out our other fantastic recommendations for mobile poker sites where you can play for real money. I should also point out that the cards seem to be dealt randomly some developers reduce the quality of cards received in order to overcome limitations of the AI opponents.

This year the site added customizable avatars, which is a nice touch. The vast majority of those apps are, well There are other nice mobile apps out there of course PokerStars being onebut with ultra tough games we don't recommend it for players new to poker online.

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That could just be bad luck. Seasoned players will also get a challenge so everyone is catered for here. Tell us about them below if you do! The problem is the A. BIG selling point for me: There aren't many options or settings but, as a beginner, that has reduced the distractions that I've found in other games from the App Store.

Aside from that, Texas Holdem Offline Poker is a great way to practice your game or help a commute pass you by. Appeak is lightning fast and you can be playing within seconds of booting up the app. No bells or whistles but fun to play Jul 14, ClydeDoingReviews This app has helped a lot while I'm still learning and improving my poker skills.

2. SnapShove

Although it regularly makes hero folds preflop against the smallest bid. This year Appeak also added support for Chinese, which should bring in a massive contingent of new players.

The reason this features is because everyone I asked said these games are simply the best offline Texas Holdem poker apps you can play bar none. Another star for that. This game does away with the cartoony approach and introduces a more serious interface.

The probabilities are definitely overblown on some wins like straights, or even four of a kinds.

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You travel the world playing across the table from a huge range of characters and nationalities. This was a suggestion from canvassing the office for poker games and was surprisingly popular. It can be easily beat EVERY game if you land a couple of good hands and it has anything at all, or if have the patience and are willing to grind it out.

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This version is offline, has the same cartoony style as the previous two games and includes tutorials for newbies. This app accurately depicts those sudden death hands you want in Hold'em. It also seems to be favored. The games are much the same but the challenge and variety is enough to keep you coming back.

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I only played for 20 minutes or so but the app seemed very easy to follow. The tooltips are useful and descriptive and the pace is just right, at least it was for me. If you want to learn to play Texas Holdem, this is a good way to do it.

Arthur Crowson Posted in: It is a little aggressive, which can be good.


I spent a while playing it and enjoyed it. It could be good practice for someone starting out and having trouble playing others online. So those are the five of the best offline Texas Holdem poker apps you can play on your mobile device.

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Gameplay is challenging and more than Texas Holdem is included within the app. Video Poker — Android Video Poker looks incredibly basic but gameplay is very good. The opponents make logical decisions; the gameplay is consistent and challenging. Maybe the advice text could be clicked and a bubble containing the reasoning would be popped up?

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There was no inducement or benefit offered to either I or TechJunkie for promotion. Nothing more you need really. It helps you feel better though, you CAN actually game this system, and, well, that's kind of appreciated.

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That said there are some surprisingly fun or useful poker apps that you can download for absolutely nothing. Give a try out by clicking the button below: