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Get inside Whoreson's hideout Hop back on your horse and begin following the mini-map trail once again. For those that don't like the Gwent card game or haven't improved their deck since obtaining it, approach the marker for the arena entrance.

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Unfortunately for them, you won't be. Fate is like a Novigrad prostitute - sometimes you get more than you bargained for. The best strategy however is to allow it to concentrate on your ally warrior as you slash away at the wyvern with light attacks, rolling away when it turns to attack you.

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When you arrive, your witcher senses will highlight the outline of a secret door at the end of this passage, as well as outline a nearby torch in red. Your first opponent will juniors casino a regular warrior.

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Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisian camp Fast-travel as close as you can to the camp and then wander over to the entrance, skipping merrily. Accept, and you'll arrive on the top floor in the middle of an ambush.

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Enter through the window to Whoreson Junior's room Approach the nearby window and head inside to trigger a scene. Gangs of Novigrad Note: If you start to get overwhelmed, you can retreat down the passageway you arrived from to single them out, making the fight easier.

Talk to Juniors casino Descend into the depths of the arena, until you reach a room with a man sitting on a chair lit by torches. Use counterattacks and heavy strikes to get past his parrying to damage him. If you are undertaking the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest you can skip the gwent games in the casino and take on whoreson's thugs directly which you do at the end of this chain of objectives if you follow the normal path.

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Survive the fight Now the real fight begins, in the third round you will be face to face with a wyvern. When you do, head up to the second floor where there will be three markers showing two people you can play gwent with and another that acts as a bouncer for the "high roller" types - invitation only. However, in this enclosed space that isn't really much of a benifit to you.

Battle defensively and conserve your health when you can taking advantage of counterattacks and rolling as you will not get the chance to rest between bouts. Use quen for defense and igni for offense as you try and single out individual enemies and finish them off quickly with melee strikes.

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Get on the balcony From here, you can run along the tiles to the nearby marked balcony outside of Whoreson's hideout. Kill Whoreson Junior Annnd betrayal.

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The big danger here is the confined space which can lead to Geralt being slughtered by rapid enemy attacks. Kill Whoreson's thugs Note: Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.

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These insect-like foes are quick, but the regular endroga should fall quickly to a few heavy strikes using quen juniors casino prevent damage of course. Repeat this process several times to emerge victorious. Follow Slots online dinero Now you can follow the eunuch to where his master and two other men of reputation are bickering in the back room.

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Huh, you believed Igor when he said three rounds? Defeat your opponent After talking to Igor, you'll immediately regain control in the ring as Igor announces your first opponent. Because you were seen with Cleaver's men during one of the massacres you were part of.

Try to quickly defeat it so you can move on to the real threat, the warrior endroga. This is where you skip to if you are doing the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest After you manage to beat both players, the "bouncer" will ask you to follow him to the high-stake tables upstairs. It seemed a simple matter of finding Whoreson, having a chat and getting out of him where to look for me.

You will need to deal with another couple of small groups of guards on your way to the top floor. After enough flailing, the wyvern will finally fall.

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Objectives Go to the bathhouse and talk to Sigi Reuven. Parry and counterattack while the bar is recharging or simply keep away from Whoreson until it replenishes to repeat the attack. Talk to them and you will be given these choices: You'll want to try and bring down the axe wielder first as his heavy strikes are more of a threat.

At the end of the round Geralt will spare his opponent.