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K2 will execute the events in the activity for each destination in the activity in parallel fashion. But the first, putting the whole string in the "To" line should have worked it is straight email addresses - no resolving to users is needed.

Each event in the activity is repeated for each destination, and then K2 moves on to the next event in the activity and repeats that event for each destination.

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This event can be used to call methods on web services asmxWCF services and assemblies. This blog step through this process and explains how to generate Word documents using K2 blackpearl and SmartObjects. There are two options while configuring the call to the child process Synchronous: This planning option specifies that all destinations will get the task at the same time Parallel.

This means we can inject data from lost of different locations in something like a Word document. The destination set will then be configured to read the xml field and create a slot for each user.

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See page 4 of the Advanced Destinations whitepaper for a description of the two roles. I'm guessing that this is the problem with my second method for sending the email. Plan per slot — no destinations: However, I keep receiving a "The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.

The "FinishWorkItem" method in k2 destination slots snippet from K2 above is executed by an account that is an 'Admin' in K2 and it seems to be working fine in Production currently which leads me to believe that K2 allows opening a WorklistItem using serial number regardless of the user to which the item is assigned to and finishing it if the code is executed by an account that is an Admin on the K2 server.

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In fact, record generation in the form of a digital document is a common output of a K2 workflow. Using a SmartObject method in a role 2. In the first case, there is wayne casino boston instance trying to send the email.

There are three main Activity Planning options: In the workflow I populate a process data field with email addresses pulled from a SharePoint list.

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The external system will use a serial number to complete the task and tell the K2 server event to continue. I'm not sure I understand whether if there are multiple destination users, will the data field contain the serial k2 destination slots of the last destination user and whether opening the worklist item using this serial number is the right thing to do.

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If the Outcome is false, K2 moves on to the second destination and then executes gambling party theme events in sequence for the second destination.

Sometimes though the workflow needs to be more dynamic.

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What am I doing wrong? The first step is to have a data source. When this option is selected, there is only one activity instance, which is shared amongst all destinations for the task.

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