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In the episode "Money", Kevin announces that has split from the band "Scrantonicity" and formed "Scrantonicity II", however none of his coworkers come to support his new band. Kevin is later invited to join Devon at Poor Richards along with the rest of the staff and he goes along Halloween.

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When Michael announces that the ship is sinking in his speech, a man takes him literally and jumps off the ship. In " Job Fair ", Kevin's zeal to gamble during a trip to the golf course with Jim, Andy and a prospective customer implies that his gambling may be a compulsive behavior rather than just a casual hobby, as he takes money from petty cash in order to turn it into "this month's rent.

He greatly enjoys the hot dog eating contest during Beach Gamessaying that laying on the beach eating hot dogs is "all he's ever wanted". He later uses the shredder to make a salad. He begins to sob, but he does say the cake is good.

While waffles crown casino a basketball team for a game against the warehouse employees, Michael ignores Kevin's plea to join the team, but it later turns out that Kevin is in fact an excellent player, as opposed to Stanley Hudsonwhom he assumed to be talented based merely on the fact that he is African-American, though he was actually clumsy and slow.

Season 4 Kevin malone casino night In the season premiere, " Fun Run ", Kevin openly suspects Jim and Pam of "hooking up" and is determined to prove his speculations to his neighboring accountant Oscar.

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Season 2 Edit When Michael is telling the cameras that more food will be needed for the Dundies this year he tells a story about how by the time he got off stage, someone had eaten all the appetizers. Kevin confronts Michael on why he is suddenly spying on their computers. Dwight appears, looking for his wife, and instead finds Kevin.

When Jim hands in an assignment for Kevin to work on, Kevin talks in a very primitive way. During the fire, the office staff wait around in the parking lot. The cameras then pan onto a guilty-looking Kevin.

Kevin Malone

Kevin is the only minor character in The Office to be directly based on a character from the British original version. Kevin mostly appears in the background and later listens to a joke told by Todd Packer.

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Andy, Jim, and Pam give him greatly disparate advice on wooing her in " Golden Ticket ", and ultimately he successfully asks her to dinner and a movie. Kevin, however, interprets Holly's frequent praise and breathy condescension as sexual interest in him. In " Casual Friday " Kevin brings a batch of his "Kevin's Famous Chili" upstairs to the office, only to drop the pot, causing chili to spill all over the floor in front of Erin's desk.

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He desperately tries to clean up the mess, only to drench papers and binders in chili while spreading the food all over the carpet. Kevin tells the cameras in a talking head interview that he has to delete a lot of stuff.

Kevin states that, "rules say I can't bring beer into the office, but they don't say anything about making beer in the office.

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He then puts Kevin in "time-out" by telling him to go to his desk Sexual Harassment. Kevin then realizes why Holly has been praising him so much, and asks her if she thinks he's retarded. Kevin appears very happy blackjack albacete he learns that he is on the "winners" side of Robert's list.

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Kevin is present for Michael's meeting on motivational speaking and later goes on the booze cruise. Scrantonicity got to perform at " Phyllis' Wedding ".