Kim wong casino. Kim Wong, Alleged Mastermind of New York Fed Reserve Heist, Gives Testimony in Philippines Senate

Appearing before the Senate, Kim Wong denies any links to money laundering operations.

Businessman Wong first appeared in the Senate during its August 23, hearing. Interests, influence Wong revealed in the hearings at least 3 of his interests: I will write their names and put it in a sealed envelope, with a copy of their passport and will submit it to the committee," Wong told the Senate panel in Filipino.

He lived in Manila with his father, who worked at a tobacco company owned by a wealthy grand uncle. He said P million of that amount was lost to Midas. The company sells the much cheaper Mighty cigarettes.

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He claimed that he was actually a supporter of former senator Ernesto Herrera and the Drug Watch Foundation. At the time, the senators were not interested in dollar smuggling or money laundering.

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Wong was not made to explain how he made the jump from being an agent to being a businessman. Kim wong casino forward to and the investigations bear some striking similarities. Kim Wong turns over additional P Wong gave a rare peek into a world where Chinese high rollers rack up multi-million-dollar debts at Manila casinos and life-changing sums of money change hands as casually as sticks of gum.

He claimed it was his fellow operators who brought the laundered money to Philippine casinos. Chinese casino junket operator Kim Wong gestures as he answers questions during a Reuters interview in Manila April 1, During his first Senate appearance, Wong revealed he had completed only first year college because he was a working student.

However, Bangladeshi Ambassador to the Philippines John Gomes seemed disappointed with how the probe turned out. Since appearing at the Senate hearing, his cash-drenched profession has dominated headlines in a country where around a quarter of its million people live on two dollars a day.

This is the latest development in the government's efforts to recover the millions of dollars stolen from the Bangladesh Central Bank last February. In the Philippines, casinos are outside the purview of the anti-money laundering laws.

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After a few years, Wong made it on his own. This is not the first time that Wong was called to attend a Senate investigation. AFP file photo Other charges Wong was dragged into other controversies apart from the alleged drug transactions.