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October 2017 - LP out on Wide Ear Records - Double Sun

How did acoustic measures become a determining architectural theme? The volume of the building remains recognisable, but it changes its facade with every new exhibition.

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This creates a clear public quality and helps form a common identity. The exhibition runs from 1 July to 12 November On Saturday, 9 June at 5.

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In accordance with the principle of urban variety in a green setting, the redesign will have a public square and a wild garden, where compact buildings offering a variety of living spaces will grow upwards to different heights. The structure of the existing buildings was translated into a composite, ambivalent form of parallel volumes of different length with an end situation that is marked by angled cuts.

The competition entries can be seen in HO Berlin, Holzmarktstrasse 66, from 6 to 25 November, between 1 pm and 7 pm.

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On Wednesday, 28 October in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart at 7 pm. In collaboration with architecture offices — including EM2N — the regionally differentiated and heterogeneous built reality of the different parts of Switzerland is presented.

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This represents a step forward for two important cultural institutions in Basel which, for operational and structural reasons, are in urgent need of new spaces. The intention is to integrate the new development, consisting of an ensemble of five buildings and three different outdoor spaces, in the heterogeneous gambling license nova scotia. Developing the place further — EM2N wins in Winterthur Since a new urban quarter has been developing in Winterthur through the transformation of the former industrial Sulzer site.

The opening of the ice sports hall is planned for autumn ; the swimming complex is to be completed in spring How do we want to live? With a gross area of aroundsquare metres, the project consists of a row of simple commercial buildings, accentuated by individual high-rises.

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The marina building on the land side is deliberately understood as a maritime structure and a place of activity that can place an urban accent for the entire complex. The lecture will be given on 25 September at 2.

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At the 10th JUNG architecture discussions, which focus on the theme of housing, questions of this kind will be explored. Open City — Biberach architecture discussions The Biberach architecture discussions held at Biberach University of Applied Sciences examine the possibilities of architecture and urban planning in the context of current developments in various European cities.

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A powerful and strongly expressive structure, Building is part of the Viscosuisse industrial legacy and was converted in as direct and restrained a manner as possible.