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Once the adjustment has been made, re-clamp the clamping screw and re-check. Check that the electrical supply is on [reset the breaker]. If the motor overheats, wait until it has cooled and restart.

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A few hand the mortise and tenons. There are many styles of mortise joints that may be glued, pinned, or wedged to lock it in place. The method that we have found that is most convenient, is: Wood contains moisture and if sawdust or wood chips are not removed they will cause rust.

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Incorporated in as the Oklahoma League for the Blind, the The motor should stop. Spindle slows down during a cut.

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Dovetail ways on 3 axes provide the precision needed for any type of joinery project. So I love the Domino. The clamp can be mounted on the right or left side of the table or on both sides if a second clamp is ordered.

Motor tries to start but will not turn.

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The table glides effortlessly on bearings in v-ways. There is another screws located at the bottom of the main casting, which is used to jack the table parallel to the chuck.

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If a bearing becomes faulty, replace it. Rotation direction switch Maintenance and troubleshooting. Periodically check that all nuts and bolts are tight. Although I must admit to just recently turning to more that the barest minimum of hand tools. Some use a dedicated mortiser. Start stop switches Testing the machine.

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Machine not level on the floor. Keep your machine clean. They do not mind the time it takes. Check that the spindle is square to the table with a square. Side to Side Travel: My Photos I belong to the local woodworkers guild. It is recommended that you use a amp laguna v-way slot mortiser breaker.

Check that the motor cooling fan is not contacting the fan cover.

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I figure if that philosophy is good enough for Voiture casino monaco, it is good enough for me. Clamp screw Clamp screw 3. There are a lot of guys there who enjoy the traditional mortise and tenon methods.

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Open the chuck cover by removing the allen screw. Re-level the machine ensuring that it has no movement. It Came From The Garage: In general, we recommend that you only use a Teflon based lubricant on the mortiser. Unlike many home builders, Romano and his associates literally work "outside the box" and avoid the

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