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Yours", April - Dominic Khoo "Just iceland home delivery slots to express my thanks for a product that works. Thank God I did, because yesterday it happened again at work but this time they only broke my door glass and slightly did some damage to the steering column.

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They made a dent under the door lock and opened the door, then they broke the steering column and tried to start the truck. I don't like and never wanted stickers on my stuff but I am sure the thieves see the Ravelco sticker and know they are wasting their time.

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I could not believe my eyes because this was a bright sunny afternoon. I plugged the Ravelco in and used a screw driver to turn the ignition on and it started right up!

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This time as you know I met your installers in Houston and had a Ravelco installed. I cease to offer any option that I lose confidence in. A security guard said that the thieves must have been spooked and did not take the truck. I told him they were removed when I had the windows tinted.

In December during the holidays, I was at a truck specialty shop having a grill guard replaced and I saw your Ravelco display there. So I made an appointment and had your company come out and install a Ravelco system. I called your office in Houston and asked that if I had a Ravelco installed could thieves start my vehicle with a laptop?

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We are a small company and we only have one truck a Mack Titan, but we want to keep it so we asked him if he had any information on your device and he said no. When we came out we noticed the interior light on as well as the entire dash lights.

The very next day at a shopping center in Pearland, as I walked out of the store I noticed broken glass on the ground and realized it was mine. After Hampton finished up and explained everything to me, he cleaned up every thing that he had out and left. I know it can all be fixed but I feel violated!

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For anyone who has any doubt that this device is legit, please feel free to show them this email. After a few weeks, and witnessing many creepy people looking at it I was somewhat frightened that someone might steal it. Last Saturday morning, 6 of us went duck hunting. At that time your installers put Ravelco warning stickers on my windows, but they were removed by the tint people when I had my windows tinted.

One note, at the time of our Ravelco installation we did not want the Ravelco window stickers. When the thieves could not get it they just left it and this morning when I went out to get the paper, I noticed the door on my truck was wide open.

If I would have known what I had just learned, I would have brought it to work that day and had them install your Ravelco device on it. On both occasions my truck was right where I left it.

I noticed the driver's door was wide open. Two and half hours after having the Ravelco installed in my truck I went to Costco too grab something.

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We asked what is a Ravelco? Thus, they can often be defeated by a highly motivated well-trained criminal.