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The free version has no 'nag ware', annoying pop-ups encouraging you to purchase, no time limits on it's use and has a certification as being free from any malware, adware or spyware as does Roulette Statistics and Prediction gold.

But roulette being a game of chance means this does happen so a second option has to be put in place and this is where you can use one of three in built well known roulette betting strategies albeit in a modified form.

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Should the bet win the outside numbers are removed from the string leaving 1 1 1 The next stake is now two chips. On the free version you can see statistical data for the following roulette bets. You have progressed no where. This statistical data is important because it is the backbone of the betting strategies that you can create and modify.

After installing the program the user is shown the main graphical interface consisting of five main areas. This is call a capped Martingale strategy.

A much more reasonable potential loss. If you had staked a single chip to start by this time you would have staked two hundred and fifty five chips to win possibly one chip on the ninth spin.

Therefore Roulette Statistics and Prediction allows you to set at which point any specific roulette bet is triggered. A new window opens and you can choose which type of roulette bet you want statistics for and the type of statistical information you require. It gives you information and the ability to test particular betting parameters to find betting strategies that can work more often than not.

It works on this basis.

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If you lose the first bet then you add the amount staked to the right of the string 2 1 1 1 2 4 The next stake is now the sum of the two outside numbers, six chips. Recording a roulette spin couldn't be easier.

However the system also gives you the opportunity to change the amount to stake or not make the bet at live roulette data. Not very good really. In an instant you can see if any specific areas of the roulette wheel are occurring more often than the mathematical probability.

Now any roulette player or mathematician will tell you that every roulette spin has exactly the same probability of winning irrespective of what has happened previously and this is absolutely correct. This is where you can use your own betting strategy.

Roulette Statistics and Prediction gold version can show you statistics that could imply a bias roulette wheel but you have to remember two things. On the gold version of the program you also can calculate statistics for double 20, 24, 26, 27, 28 bets, French bets, neighbour bets and your own custom bets.

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After entry of the spin the statistics are re-calculated and a next best bet or bets are offered for the next play. Real casinos are built on losers not winners. It was done as a part of a reality TV show stunt.

However by starting staking money on a bet after it has already lost twelve times in a row avatar slot machine bonus of to 1 the probability of it losing a further four times in a row rise to to 1. The Losing Streak data shows you the opposite of the Winning Streak data. A bias roulette wheel is effectively defective insomuch that for several reasons particular numbers tend to occur more often than they mathematically should do.

In the Labouchere system you start with a string of numbers, again user definable within the program but for example. You can set the number of spins after which all betting strategies are reset.

The number of times a bet lost say twelve times, ten times seven times and so on. You can see that a long streak of losing bets could make the string very long and increase the stakes accordingly, so again the software has a loss limit to restrain how long the string can get before it is reset.

Details of the settings they used can be found on the secrets page from the website. But you don't want to necessarily sit at a roulette table for a couple of hours why you try out your betting system so the program has an auto Random Number Generator which will simulate casino spins and allow you to see how your betting settings are working.

True but in order to spin fifty heads in a row the probability odds are a staggering 1,, to 1 against it happening. You can see that should the result be red, black, red, black, red, black, red black.

All single number bets, split bets, street bets, corners bets, line bets, even bets and dozen bets.

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Roulette Statistics and Prediction will still offer you the next best bet but you can decide the amount of the stake according to your own rules. Indeed the developers have found settings that worked for them in the beta trials. As previously explained in the Martingale betting system, roulette bets are triggered in the same way but the betting system is changed.

Still many gamblers are interested in this and it can be fun trying to find one. A simple left click of the mouse on the number position on the roulette table layout and the spin is recorded in the history bar.

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If you make a mistake then a left click on the entry in history bar removes the spin. There are two versions of the program the free version and the gold version and I'll come to the differences later but both are very easy to install and work in the exact same way.

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The Winning Streak data shows you when how many times a roulette bet has won in a row and how often.