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Magnus andersson casino, then the applause...

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At the breathtaking threshold between children and adults. The innovated mini-musical about the little amateur who became star and did not know how tedious it was did not make any lasting impression. And then, full light and drapery away; There stood the four in ABBA with nine musicians and three singers, all in white.

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They send out songs about patience and hiding behind bodyguards called gorillas. It is a human disorder so amazingly great and pretentious that you swallow it by pure genius. The same kind of songs Git Gay and Anita Lindblom sing. This game was made with magnificent effects of smoke and flashing lights in different colors, but stupid and lifeless, as if they did not actually see the game about them stealing.

Then the applause became milder for each song.

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Then on to Australia. They sing about a girl who dared to kiss her teacher, about the queen of the dance, teasing the guys, lighting them up and sticking. Helhetsinntrykket var meget sympatisk.

They make sense of being natural and showing themselves open, but just telling slogans. After an hour, half the concert, I saw several leave, and in the halls outside there was a queue outside the slot machine.

Det gjorde derimot ABBA som scenemennesker, og showet som en glitrende slager-cabaret. Publikum tok begivenheten med stoisk ro, men det var helt tydelig at showet falt i smak. No, it was probably jiujitsu clothes.


They revealed a dream: They sing about the girl who hopes to snuggle a rich man, so their advice sounds. It was in the air that the youngsters wanted to dance, but it did not happen. Then the girls took off the silver caps and it helped a little.

Premiere in a sports hall in Oslo, the tour now magnus andersson casino to other cities with large halls down Europe and ends February 14 in the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was surprisingly quiet on the stage: Kolsvart — and a threatening engine noise.

However, ABBA did as stage people, and the show as a sparkling butcher cabaret.

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So great expectations must be spotted. The three girls in the choir tore some assertions some time. If you do not get it, you can travel to Las Vegas and win the luck at the casino.

You hear a few poignant voices in the distance, inside a thick drunk.

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Annifrid and Agneta had a topcoat in silver with wide sleeves. ABBA is primarily aimed at girls around 15 years, all the time in the most special and adventurous years. Although I heard several albums and now heard them in reality, I do not know how they sing. Were they dressed like angels?

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Det skal imidlertid ikke stikkes under stolen at tempoet dalte mot slutten, slik tradisjonen er i idrettshaller. Then came a 25 minute cavalcade of melodies that told the story of an unknown singer from the country who became famous and had to do tours all over the world but became a puppetry. A little joy came after a song that was fast and strong and could be mistaken for rock.

However, magnus andersson casino should not be beneath the chair that the pace ends at the end, as tradition is in sports halls.

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I think that many of the hundreds of Swedish groups that are better than ABBA have a lot to learn from them in terms of dramatic effects. The girls sometimes stretched out one arm, and in turn they turned and showed their tails.

Also, when ABBA was pretended to leave the dais. They think their audience is in enough uncertain age to be corked.