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Marlins pitcher gambling, be the first to know.

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A screencap he posted appears to show Cosart asking someone for advice about bets. Players are allowed to legally gamble on sports other than baseball. We'll continue updating this story as more information comes out. It is not against MLB rules for players to legally gamble on sports other than baseball but the league prohibits employees including players, umpires and club officials from gambling on their sport with punishment from up to a one-year ban to a lifetime ban.

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Cosart appears to have opened a new, unconfirmed Twitter account. Cosart will be entering his third year in the major leagues this season. On it, he alleged Wednesday that his initial account had been hacked to create the direct message conversations.

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Cosart has seemingly now responded to the allegations. The claims originated with a Twitter user named GhostFadeKillah, who Tweets regular betting advice and, it's worth noting, includes among his activities "also troll a bit here and there.

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He is with an 8. While MLB's rules strictly prohibit gambling on the National Pastime, they don't forbid players from casting bets on other sports. Cosart went with a 2. Cosart, 24, is scheduled to start Friday in Kissimmee against his old team, the Blackjack cashier. There's still no word on whether that account was ever actually Cosart in the first place.

Jarred Cosart said Wednesday that his initial Twitter account had been hacked to create direct message conversations about his alleged gambling. Made an MLB player delete his Twitter account. And with a digital subscription, you'll never miss a local story. Ever since the Black Sox Scandal ofin which several members of the White Sox conspired to fix the World Series, baseball has taken allegations of betting on games by players, managers or officials extremely seriously.

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Just last year, it was revealed that MLB officials had undertaken a thorough investigation after there were allegations that Pirates pitcher Jeff Locke had engaged in game-fixing in Cosart later deleted his own account as tweets piled up accusing him of gambling and speculating whether he'd ever bet on baseball, which would be a serious violation of the game's rules. In other words, these are not the most reliable or transparent sources on the internet.

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Anyone making a baseball connection is reaching. The Marlins acquired Cosart from Houston in a seven-player trade in July and have plugged him into their starting rotation this spring.

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Cosart then deleted his account. Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.

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The Marlins issued a brief statement on the matter, saying, "Major League Baseball is aware and they are investigating it and we have no further comment at this time. He also declined to ID his sources for either message to protect them from legal consequences.

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But if it is proven that he was betting on baseball, there are stiff penalties. On Thursday morning, there was a new account purporting to belong to Cosart under the name CosartJL, which denied that he was involved with betting, especially on baseball.

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Along with performance-enhancing drugs, MLB has long viewed gambling as the direst threat to the sport — a view cemented after revelations that Pete Rose had bet on the game. He has struggled this spring, going with an 8.

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More recently, Pete Rose was banned from baseball after allegations that he bet on baseball games that he managed in.