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Mb slot motor torque tester. Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van First Test Review - Motor Trend

Up to four elements can be displayed simultaneously.

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That kind of money can buy you a very nice Pacifica or Odyssey, which both offer luxuries rear entertainment, onboard vacuums, etc. Maneuvering it in a crowded downtown area was also easier than expected, thanks to communicative steering and a decent turning circle.

Most Metris buyers will use these vans for their intended commercial purpose, but in the right spec Mercedes' midsizer could also work for a consumer who needs seating for seven to eight people and doesn't mind its more utilitarian accommodations.

Modern minivans are half a second to a full second quicker in acceleration tests. The optional advanced computation function lets you display vectors and bar graphs for enhanced visual presentation [Image] 50ms data updating intervals Fast updating allows you to precisely capture rapidly changing transient states.

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Robin Trajano April 05, There are many minivan alternatives these days, with a host of three-row crossovers and SUVs to choose from. The van had no trouble getting up to highway speed with six adults onboard. Engineers must also stay current with the specialized knowledge and up-to-date information required to periodically review the contents of the standards and perform the standards conformance tests.

This function compensates for this loss. The Chrysler Pacificahowever, spanks all of them at These equations can be used to calculate various parameters, such as mean active power A Variety of integration functions Active power, current, apparent power, reactive power In addition to the active power integration function WP and current integrationfunction q included in earlier models, the WT also has a new apparent power integration function WS and reactive power integration function WQ.

When you need the motor data at a large number of measurement points, the sweep measurement mode allows shorter measurement time to reduce the motor heat effect.

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The WT has the following three types of correction functions to mb slot motor torque tester the power and efficiency Wiring Compensation This function compensates for the loss caused by the wiring of each element Efficiency Compensation The power measurement on the secondary side of a power transformer such as an inverter includes loss caused by the measurement instrument.

The point measurement mode ensures stable data with minimum effect of inertia moment. That's far from being impressive but not much slower than the Honda Odyssey We recommend selecting the optional rearview camera. It includes a function for measurement fluctuations in numbers of rotations through automatic load sweeping.

Displays the size of each harmonic in a bar graph Vector: WT item pages used to set display preferences The WT has nine numeric item pages for displaying measurement values. Measurement Value Judgement Graph Measures the harmonic current over the set observation time, and evaluates it in conformance with the standard.

You'll also notice a small display running an infotainment and nav system if so equipped that's at least a generation old, and it's not a touchscreen. Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Measurement World gambling market Value and Judgment for Each Observation Period Normal Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Measurement The final values of dc, dmax, and d t are compared with the respective limits, and the judgment pass or fail is displayed to the right of the final value.

Torque Dynamometer System Sugawara Torque Dynamometer System allows for comprehensive measurement and evaluation of electric motor torque characteristics. Harmonic Current Bar Graph Evaluates whether harmonic data is within the standard limit value, and displays the result as a bar graph.

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Two windows can be selected from numerical display, waveform display, bar graph display, or trend display and displayed in the upper and lower parts of the screen Trend display: This loss appears as error in the efficiency computation.

Unlike many minivans that allow the rear seats to disappear into the floor in a few easy steps, the Metris' heavy benches are locked into rails and require some muscle to lift out. The display of evaluation results is color-coded, in colors such as red and blue.

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Max VA when using printer Operating Temperature: The turbo-four gets the Metris to 60 mph from a standstill in 8. The cabin's boomy acoustics allow road noise to resonate on the highway. In this mode, you can judge whether voltage fluctuations in the item under test relative to a specified minimum value are within the standard.

It's also about on par with a few smaller commercial vans such as the Ram Promaster City The Metris is close in overall length to the competition but is taller and narrower.

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The range can easily be switched using the up and down arrows. This feature is useful for evaluating the power consumed by intermittent-control instruments in which the power value fluctuates Motor Version -MV option — Motor evaluation: That view is mostly unobstructed in front and on the sides, but seeing out the back is difficult with all the rear headrests and passengers' heads in the way.

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Input frequencies from 0. Our system also measures detent torque or holding torque for stepping motors. Power sliding doors are optional. Automatic Report Generation You can print harmonic measurement results as value lists and graphs, and save image data.

This function computes the currents that flows through the neutral line for measurements using the two-wattmeter method with a three phase, three wire 3V3A system and adds the compensation value to the measured power.

Sugawara Laboratories provides a family of motor torque meter systems designed to measure and evaluate these characteristics. The driving position feels higher than in a typical minivan, offering a commanding view of the road.

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But on the road, the Metris doesn't feel slow. If you choose the side-hinged rear cargo doors, it's even harder to see behind you. Because of their size similarities, comparisons between the Metris and the minivan category are inevitable.