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Rotating North, South, East and West, the reels move in the direction the compass indicates. It includes 4 features that can be randomly triggered during the game: It is activated with the Gamble button.

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Reverse step - when win combination is achieved the reels rotate back into contrary direction until they cone to loss position. In Novomatic Mighty Trident slot machine his magic attribute can generate up to 4 bonus stages added to Free spins and Compass features. There are other casino games out there with an Ancient Greek theme, but with its huge range of bonus features, strong theme and superb graphics, this Mighty Trident is a mighty great game.

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It is set in his fabulous underwater kingdom. Reverse step — when paid combination is formed on reels they begin to rotate into opposite direction. On our web resource one can Play Mighty Trident slot for free without registration or create an account at recommended online casinos to gamble for real money. When it stops reels steps in determined side producing new prizes.

If you want to control number of spins and produce them manually press Start button for each new spin. How to Win the Mighty Trident Slot Each prize combination in the Mighty Trident slot can bring much larger winnings than envisaged in the payouts table.

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The player needs to press the button at the moment when the horizontal row is lit up. Another rewarding elements are: It is regulated in the Bet Line menu. Each win is also greeted by the Compass Bonus, and the compass will point either North, South, East or West to show which way the reels will move to try and make another win.

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Gamblers can find different kinds of free slots without registration at the portal. This happens thanks to the functions of the compass and the trident of Poseidon. Their payouts are displayed for combinations of 3 — 5 similar symbols landed on selected bet line from left to right. The size of the last prize payout is displayed in the Last Win information block. The reels will then keep moving until no win appears.

Gambling is available with regular wins not higher than The line bet can be equal to the sums from 1 to credits. You can even win up to x for recovering Poseidon's mighty trident should he lose it in battle. The author of the site. Autoplay mode is used to begin repeated continually lasting spins ended with Stop button, just like in Lucky Rose slot.

Gamble button becomes active when winning combination from Paytable appears on reels of Mighty Trident slot. It includes free repeated spins of the reels. They begin to flicker starting from the lower section. Mighty Trident slots interface elements Interface of presented game consists of central playing area with number of bet lines from both sides, set of optional buttons placed under playing field and ones responsible for screen, sound regulation located in right upper corner, as in Lucky Rose slot.

Compass feature follows every winning spin indicating a direction of future respin. In their course special stacked elements are revealed on the screen, repeating 5 top symbols to form more prizes.

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The type of prizes you can win include 80x your line-bet for finding mystery coded letters, up to x for battling Hades and Hera, and up to x for battling the leader of the Gods, Zeus. The Compass Feature activates after every win. That same trident may also turn Wild at any time, and will rain hell down on other symbols so Poseidon can make even more winning prizes for you.

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