Bad motherboard? - RAM Slots

Mobo ram slots. bad ram slot on motherboard ? - [Solved] - Memory

Today i decided to take another stab at it and found that if i put my memory in either a1 or a2 i can post at but if i put my memory in b1 or b2 i cant get past that mhz mark.

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Most computer motherboards have two, three, or four memory slots. Better than running in a dual channel configuration?

Bad motherboard? - RAM Slots

Im pretty sure i know the answer but i like to know what you think. To replace a CPU you will need to raise the socket by lifting a small lever on the side of the socket; then you can gently pull out the CPU hardware.

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If a computer had three module slots, a dummy module had to be ordered then installed to complete the memory bank. Many newer programs, such as Adobe's popular photo and video editors, rely more on an advanced graphics card to process data.

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In the above picture, this computer has no memory module installed in any of the slots. The original pins often broke or were bent during installation, so they were replaced with more durable flat contact plates.

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There was a notch on both ends of the memory module that was clipped by arms on opposite ends of the slot. Modules can be pressed straight into the slot and clipped into place.

Choosing the Right RAM/Memory: Part 2 - Dual Channel and Quad Channel

Programs must be saved on the hard drive or another storage device. The memory slots are typically located on either side of the CPU, and resemble what is shown below.

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This make me assume a bad mobo but could it be the memory controller on the cpu? The list below is to help anyone understand exactly the issue I'm running into. Someone mention that the 2 stick for whatever reason were super picky or didnt like each other that much.

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The evolution of RAM technology has resulted in a variety of memory modules. With each new type of memory module, new module slots were designed for motherboards to take advantage of the latest types of RAM. If your computer has no memory slots available and you want to upgrade your memory, you must remove the old computer memory before the new memory can be installed.

They often come packaged with multiple strips located in RAM slots on the motherboard that are easily removable and replaceable.

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The later memory modules had a bit data path, so SIMMs of identical capacity were installed in pairs to synchronize with processors using bit data paths. II found something interesting then.

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Pins The term "pin" was used to describe the needle-like contact points of early modules. This can be especially true if you require high-end graphics or video editing programs. In practical terms, RAM determines how many programs can run at once and how large the programs can be.

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The modules were widely available in pin and pin models with pin models used in proprietary systems.