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Christy's younger classmate at law school and love interest. I think my character last season was almost holding her tongue because she felt so guilty, so she let her daughter get away with more than she gambling and its types have. Christy's son by Baxter and half-brother of Violet. A fellow AA member, Steve is a competent but creepy lawyer and occasionally aids Christy, who becomes his intern and trainee in season 2.

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She ended up pregnant and had Christy at age Amy Hill as Beverly Tarantino season 2—present: He is secretive about his past and distant from people, but briefly dates Bonnie at one point: Bonnie's biological mother, who put her in foster care when she was very young. I thought it was just so daring that Chuck and the writers made the decision to scrap our main set.

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Bonnie's old acquaintance from the Foster system who is now in jail. A single mother, she preferred to party and drink rather than stay home. Violet, yet again, moves back to her mother and grandmother after wrecking her life in Lake Tahoe and gets back together and moves in with Luke after seeing that he has improved his life.

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In addition, she is trying to iron out the rough edges in her relationship with her mother Bonnie, who she still struggles to forgive after a tumultuous childhood and long estrangement. She's definitely suffering I think from that loss.

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Bonnie has stated that she almost put Christy up for adoption. But I'm so happy for her, and she deserves it.

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Chef Rudy's silent and often submissive sous-chef. She later gets engaged to Gregory Munchnik, a much older psychology professor at her university, but he breaks the engagement after she begins to party too hard, leaving her mother and grandmother wondering if she was just experiencing young life or developing a problem.

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After having her boyfriend Luke's baby, Violet made the decision to place her baby for adoption because she felt that this was the best way to break her family's repeated cycle of poor life choices and give her child a better chance than herself, her mother, or her grandmother ever had. Joe Manganiello as Julian S03E Christy's daughter and older half-sister of Roscoe.

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