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Nars casino sephora. Brown Girl Makeup Musings: Nars Casino Bronzer Review

Something unexpected, but when you encounter it, you're intrigued, and then you find that it Let's move on to the product itself. It's best applied with a fluffy brush for lighter skins and a medium-dense brush for deeper skins.

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The powder is soft, and finely milled. Keep in mind, though, that I have oily skin that pretty much eats up all my face products. The effect is so beautiful. My neatnik nature is dismayed. Firstly, can I mention my hate for the Nars packaging? What my camera failed to pick up, but were present in the bronzer, was tiny flecks of gold.

But my favorite way to use it is to dab a touch onto the bronzing points of my face where the sun would naturally hitand blend. This won't work as a contour.

Let me also interject here that I will still get plenty of use out of this! Even if you managed to buff the gold flecks out, I don't think it would look quite right. So I put a touch across the tops of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, the top of my chin, and the top of my forehead.

Now, on to my grouchiness with this. I cannot feel it applied to the skin, it simply delivers a soft was of glowing health that is my must-have during the summer months. Product sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

Look at the shiny gold flecks! As if Languna would get any better… and then it does.

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Wonderful and highly welcomed product. This easy-to-use liquid can be mixed into your foundation to add a touch of summer warmth to your typical look. It's very satiny to the touch, and as for the pigmentation Normal and dry skins will easily get eight hours of wear time. Wear time is great; I can get about five and a half hours, after which there is some amount of fading.

I think it's a great bronzer, especially for deeper skins. This isn't my favorite product, but nevertheless, it's still an excellent product, and if you're looking for one heckuva bronzer, I won't keep you away from this! Personally, I don't like this as a contour. If the Nars Casino bronzer were a girl, she'd be wearing a little black dress and pearls, but she'd have leopard-print underwear beneath it.

Here it looks quite matte, but don't be fooled! If you're looking for an easy way to add some color and warmth to your face, or if you're looking for a way to add a glow to an already-existing tan, well, have I got news for you? I was really hoping for a product I could use as a bronzer and a contour.

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This product blends very easily, so even if you over apply a little bit, you can blend it out without much fuss. Tuesday, August 5, Nars Casino Bronzer Review It's almost the end of summer, and I'm pretty sure more of us are sporting tans real or faux!

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It is a slightly warm toned, medium-dark bronzer. The effect of using a liquid bronzer is that it tends to melt into my foundation for a more natural, believable look. I had no problems getting just the perfect amount out of the container without over-spill. I use it on the perimeter of my face, and even on my cheeks under some blush to really emphasize that sun-kissed-ness. Slot configuration is calculated by gold flecks work extremely well in adding a glow to my face, and the color is sufficiently warm toned to use to add some warmth to my face, but it looks odd when I try to use it as a contour.

I'm talking about the Nars Casino bronzer, the older, more mysterious sister to the iconic Laguna bronzer.

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Besides, part of the product's appeal is the fact that those teensy little flecks make you look like a sun goddess. Laguna works beautifully for a natural, no-streak, softly shimmering summer glow. To summarize - I like this product. I think it looks fantastic on tanned skins, the golden flecks make your skin look truly sun kissed. No, not like disco-ball glitter, but the quiet, subdued kind that works to produce a soft sheen on the face.

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If you are new to liquid bronzers, you are in for a treat. Something, you understand, to break from the stiffness of it all. I typically add a powder or liquid blush as usually, and a highlighter as well.