Nemacolin casino new years eve, the food was...

One guy was standing next to the speakers doing air guitar moves and trying to high-five the band members.

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Not a single person I saw was winning. From booking our friends next to us, to good food and a great band.

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There weren't any bells or jackpot lights going off. First of all the gambling wasn't enjoyable at all. They were the best possible thing that could have happened to us during our wedding planning process. My advice to anyone considering this next year is to go to Rivers or Nemacolin or a casino that offers something more than the usual for New Years Eve.

My girlfriend and I visited to go hiking at Ricketts Glen State park, which was amazing. This place is great.

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It was difficult to find stuff. The second band was a Creedence cover band that clearly must have been selected because they were available that night. Most people were bringing buckets of beers across the floor all night.

Katrina Simmons Our stay was amazing. The whole deal with hotel dinner drinks. I sat next to a couple and older lady from PA. I was surprised that a casino didn't at least have waitress service at a New Year's Eve party. They are beyond accommodating with any request we have. The jacuzzi was big and very relaxing as well as the indoor pool.

You can enjoy a spa, swimming, restaurants, night club, sports bar, and deck bar without even leaving the property. They were patient with all of the questions we had, whether they were small or complex. The food was phenomenal the best food I've had at any venue in our area and I'm not saying this because it was my weddingthe venue and the space needed for our guests was more than enough room, and last but definitely not least the wedding coordinator s.

It was more a VFW holiday party than a casino event. The room was spacious and up to date.

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Not to mention there's a club on site if you want to dance. You had to go to the back to the bar for your drinks. They were definitely not there because the crowd wanted to hear them, or their set. As far as the party goes, that was a total dud.

That's great if you like rushing outside at the stroke of 12, to stand out next to a lake in 20 degree weather. I will be back. The fireworks were OK, but not compare casino sites to make the event worth sticking through. They also have a free shuttle to the casinos.

The first band was a local band that shows up there on a regular basis. The restaurants on site were delicious. This casino has some of the tightest machines I have ever seen. In the middle of the King bed was a gift basket with girly soaps and stuff, a bottle of wine, with 2 wine glasses - In the fridge they had 2 complimentary bottles of water and a birthday cake that could have fed 8 people.

The rest of the place was filled with tables full of people just staring blankly. The stay also came with discount coupons for the restaurants and pub on site - We also got 2 complimentary Pumpkin Spice Martinis and free cocktail hour - To say the least, I scored big time.

See ya next year. I was also able to catch the live performance and it was amazing. Most of the people were complaining and grumbling out loud about it. I could go on and on about this venue and how grateful we are that we went with this venue.

The bedding was amazing to say the least. All-in-all it was pretty tacky.

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They played some standards and seemed to be happy with the 10 people that actually danced or swayed to the tunes. The staff is great. The crowd was friendly and fun and the music was excellent. It is an absolute pleasure to work with the Woodlands staff on this event.