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Not because of the music per se, rather because of the energy on those dance floors. The party continued on for several hours and neither the morning light nor the white, reflective snow outside woke people up from their heavy trance-like dancing and when leaving at 07 in the morning the party was still going strong.

And what a timing! Dancing furiously, an exhausted pant catching a gurgling cough, it was time for a cigarette.

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The level of it all was higher than many of the underground clubs here in the city that pulls hundreds and hundreds of people. But we were surprised to see the dance floor packed with people in suits, side by side with well known underground faces. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer, on your smartphone or other IT device.

Overall a great set provided by Locus, showing their stability and ability to adapt to any kind of environment. Leyla Ekelund May 12 Boulebar Rosenlund: Already sweaty from the initiating ten minutes of dancing to DJ Lego, who was doing a quite standard, but also pretty great techno set, I started for the wardrobe section.

We also make use of third party cookies, which are cookies placed by parties other than ourselves. I arrive later on, when the tournament had reached the finals and the queue was circling down, around the corner on both sides of the door. Where were all my friends?

That floor is smaller and more intimate which fits this type neonskylt casino music perfectly. This, Neonskylt casino thought, is going to be a bumpy ride. It was possible to stand close to the DJs, seeing them really connecting with the crowd and feeling the vibe of their own selected music.

Poor fucks the lot of them just like Leyla.

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I wanted to dance. It was heavy, very german and absolutely awesome. These include companies who are helping us to measure, analyse and target our services, neonskylt casino and content.

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Sure as hell none of my friends neonskylt casino. The mood seems to be upbeat and joyful. You should, however, be aware that if you do so, that there may be services and features you are unable to use because they require cookies to remember what you select. Existing cookies can also be removed from your computer.

The lighting on the dance floor was perfect. We also use cookies to allow us to share events from our calendar on Facebook. Cookies When browsing normally, you can search anonymously on our website, online. The spring arrived with full force, and the parks were instantly packed with swedes, drinking wine in shorts and tank tops — really trying to cherish every last bit of sun until it set behind the trees in Slottskogen.

So it was a saturday night. Just kidding, thankfully i can write freely about this as there was nothing to complain about.

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And maybe someone could even buy me a beer. The statistics we collect from cookies help us to improve our website. Not particularly bad, but not particularly good either. During his set the light show really came to life, giving Burkhardt what looked like a halo throughout. The music was great, and I was starting to really get into it.

The information we collect includes browser types, pages neonskylt casino and links you have clicked on. In the same way, we use cookies to keep track of whether you are logged into pages that are protected by a login. The weekend they chose to arrange it was neonskylt casino of any other event worth mentioning or going to which meant that the queue to Pustervik was building up around the corner already at His live set gathered the entire crowd on the big dance floor, dancing in their own neonskylt casino bubble for well over an hour.

For this occasion he had prepared an awesome tech house set, with some touches on neonskylt casino acid side — leaving the dance floor in a frenzy, craving for more. They had planned their set in a very clever way with music that fit both crowds and which they knew would be comprehendable even for the most inexperienced, white-clubs-only kind of people. Anyway, there was no leaving the club for the pubs and bars over yonder, this was going to be an all nighter.

Burkhardt is an experienced german producer, merging house and techno together with his focus on delievering absolute rythmical music, as well as an experience above the general club night.

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Being a house lover myself, it was great seeing how people were dancing non-stop and having so much fun even though the music was softer and deeper than what it usually is at regular underground clubs. We use cookies for the following purposes: Nothing special — just that cozy dim light where you get perfectly lost in the music and crowd.

My thoughts did not linger on this subject for long, as I almost immediately threw off my jacket and started dancing.