Trains in Italy: Information and Advice

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Other kinds of bag will be wedged in on your back and secured to the harness.

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Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa Both Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are very picturesque villages, seemingly glued to the steep slanting rocks of the mountainside. They are mostly cheap and reasonably reliable, although some of the older trains are not hugely comfortable.

More about the Volo dell'Angelo / Flight of the Angel

In the first-class section newspaper, drink and snack are provided in the mornings. Blinds are generally provided, and can be pulled down to keep out the hot sun - you might not see the view but you'll be much more comfortable.

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There is usually an indoors waiting room, a tunnel connecting platforms, a ticket office, a station bar and frequently a news-stand. Find and book hotels.

Buying train tickets

Trains in Italy Trains in Italy are a good way to travel around. Women should wear trousers. You should print or note down your reference details, seat number and so on. If responsible travel is important to you, then rail travel is to be preferred in any case. They are almost invariably sold as single tickets rather than returns; if you ask for a return you'll receive a single ticket for each leg of your journey.

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Most major stations now have a number of large ticket machines of which many local people and travellers are still wary. Regionali Treni regionali R are regional trains which connect smaller provincial destinations.

Below we provide a run-down on the current categories of train, with information on reservations and seating. The ticket inspector will check it on a handheld computer.

Types of train

On arrival in your departure village, you should report to the ticket office biglietteria a good while before your flight, allowing time to travel to the departure points they recommend allowing 20 minutes before your booked slot in Pietrapertosa, and 45 minutes in Castelmezzano. But this may change so check display boards and listen for announcements sometimes these are made in English, but if not, listen out for the luck o the irish slot tips binario, learn a few Italian numbers, watch the behaviour of fellow passengers - do they all abandon the platform and dash to another?

Much better than waiting in a long line for a surly assistant behind a glass window. Consequently they are usually in less demand than the ticket office and you can get your ticket much more quickly.