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After viewing the filelist, right-click on a show folder to add it, and its contents to your queue to download. Right click on a user and select Get file list, or double-click on the user name.

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Obviously, more we share, better is. You may not start or repeat searches as fast as you like.

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This is a lossless hub dedicated to audio quality. Many laughs are shared, and friendships formed in this particular panel. File type Filter away results depending on their file type extension or hash value.

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Note; you may not start too many searches in a small amount of time. In hub address type your hub address it can be an IP or a Domain. A new window will appear, similar to the following image: There will always be at least a few ops in the hub. Disconnecting from the user or hub will put you back at the end of the line.

We try to follow the etree standards for naming: Hide files already in share Filter away files that are already in share.

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Just try to balance them. This will bring up any search hits in the search window. Shareware or freeware used for lossless music however, is just fine. Click on Favorite Hubs icon yellow star. Information on forwarding your ports can be found at www.

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We like to think the ops are pretty nice people, and are generally quite helpful. Please be respectful, we take pride in being newbie-friendly and free from flame wars. The large left panel is the main chat not unlike IRC. The filelists of all newly discovered sources will be automatically matched for possible other queued files if the Automatically match queue for search hits setting is enabled.

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To send a pm, or private message to a particular user, right click on the user's name in the right panel. Note that search requests are sent out only once, when the Search button is pressed.

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Be careful though, it sometimes happens that search results show up in the wrong window this is a deficiency of the NMDC protocol, and should never happen with ADC hubs. So please, come hang out with us, see what's around and most importantly spread the joy of live music! These results then show up in the search results list of the Search window.

We are simply doing our part to protect the musical freedoms given to us by the bands we love. The public message window can be used to chat, you can enter messages there and everyone who is online will see it.

Users with key symbols next to their names are ops, or Hub Operators. You can find below MadMummy Hub data. Please understand that the bandwidth you're using is due to the generosity of the individual you're downloading from, and that other users may be waiting patiently in line. Fill your nickname field, your description we suggest you type your connection and country, es.

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Only you, the person receiving the message, and the NSA will see this chat. Words beginning with "-" will be filtered away. If this poses a problem for you, email us and we'll be happy to work a way around it.

The hub is maintained by ops, or Hub Operators. Only users with free slots Filter away files depending on the user's free slots. You can decide, according to your connections, how many slots you want for upload and download.