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Cindy Liu presents a scheme based on assigning a point value to the dealt hands and those produced by switching. A dealer total of 22 will push against any player total of pup iapply slots or less.

H H What immediately comes to mind on looking at the chart is that both doubling and splitting is MUCH more restrictive in this game than in standard blackjack; there is only one card to double 9 against, and soft-doubling is almost non-existent.

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These pushes lower the entire expectation of the game by 6. When players make their initial wagers, the bets must be identical in odds blackjack switch box.

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If they do, then the cards are switched and new hand totals are formed. Why isn't there a line out the door at casino royale? First, player blackjacks including those made via switch are paid even money. I've never done an analysis of the game but, thankfully, the Wizard of Odds has a complete analysis of it on his web site. You only get to switch cards one time, and after that the hand proceeds as normal based on blackjack rules, in terms of having t slot bench options to split or double down etc.

And the strategy is hard to learn.

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The differences originate from the push-on-dealer rule. After a player has made a decision whether or not to switch, the dealer offers him the chance to hit, stand or doublefirstly for the hand on the player's right-hand box, then for the one on the left.

Blackjack switch online resources Blackjack switch goes briefly into the history, plus procedure of play and correct basic strategy. Is there a guide showing what cards ought to be switched in a game of BJ switch? The switch decision[ edit ] The correct decision regarding whether to switch is sometimes obvious, particularly when there is the largest difference in advantage.

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As in blackjack, a player hand which exceeds 21 is "bust"; its cards are removed and its backing wager acquired odds blackjack switch the house. Under these rules, the house edge is calculated to be 0. Your expected result on hitting a 16 on a 10 in switch is. This is a quite indispensable little tool - it would be impossible to play the game correctly without it, unless you managed to memorize each one of the many, many combinations, which would be quite a task.

This modification led to the game being installed in Four Queens in December Why Play Online Blackjack Switch? His system is based on categorizing player hands and dealer upcards according to their strength, and although getting a confident grip on this strategy takes quite a lot of study, it's almost certainly better than having to constantly refer to a switch calculator.

Each playing position has two betting boxes, rather than one, and the initial wagers these two boxes must be identical. The only exception is a natural player blackjack which pays even money instead of the usual 3: The nature of Blackjack Switch means that games often last longer than in normal Blackjack, so you'll play more for the same amount of money.

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Obviously you would only choose to switch the hands if your odds are improved by this decision. This means that face cards are worth hanoi fortuna casino points, the ace is worth either 1 or 11, and all other others are the same as the value printed on their card.

The key difference is that each player is dealt two hands instead of one at the beginning of the game. Compared to traditional blackjack, in Blackjack Switch there are fewer occasions where doubling or splitting is rewarding, and more occasions where it is correct to hit at the risk of going bust. Thank you, Michael Dear Michael: The gaming surface looks like a blackjack table, but there are two betting boxes in front of each player instead of one.

However, each corresponds to a separate hand; during play they may be doubled and split independently, and are resolved separately.

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Each player plays two hands, and they can switch the top two cards if they desire. The second dealer card is placed face-down. The game is played with four, six, or eight decks of cards and the values are the same as in normal blackjack. That, coupled to the fact that blackjacks only pay 1: It's twice as expensive as regular blackjack.

Cam someone explain this to the mathematically challenged? Anyone have luck at BJ switch with these odds?