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What wonder if to thee there should be a greater glory? Tempietto del Bramante Views of the building and of its dome The Spanish monarchs commissioned the construction of a paola casino chapel dedicated to St.

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Some of the marbles and columns employed in the construction of the fountain came from a Temple to Minerva in the Forum of Nerva, but four granite columns came from the portico of old S. All the main dishes are based on local meat and they are served with broccoli, potatoes or the salad from the vegetable garden.

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The altarpiece was seized by the French and moved to Paris in Pietrowas too far away to be reached at all. Vincenzo knows that Soil is like a beautiful woman, first of all you have to love it. According to Giorgio Vasari it was the last and the most celebrated, the most beautiful and the most divine work of the master.

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The wall was needed to prevent a landslide; repairs to it were made in Maria della Scala has an elaborate organ. Quanto sei bella Roma quando la luna se specchia dentro ar fontanone How beautiful you are Rome in the evening, when the moon reflects itself inside the big fountain from "Roma Capoccia", a song by Antonello Venditti You may wish to see Acqua Paola in an etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi it opens in another window.

In the present case the peaceful nourisher entered with like strength and power, receiving as the reward of his laborious and long career the thanks and admiration of all beholders.

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Goethe described in his diary August 1st, how he took a refreshing bath at sunset in a safe and comfortable small cabin; these cabins were in use at la Renella until the s. A sinistra della chiesa di s. Maria della Scala is one of the many churches of Rome which were built as a shrine for an image of the Virgin Mary which performed miracles; in miracles occurred to people who prayed for help at a " madonnella " under the external steps It.

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Thy very voice God as present in thee translation by David Masson. Goethe summarized his thoughts as follows: Luca Fiammingo religioso di quest'Ordine, e la statua della ss. Nell'altare maggiore si vede il celebre, ed ultimo quadro, che dipinse Raffaelle da Urbino, dono prezioso del Card.

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Acqua Paola Mostra dell'Acqua Paola or il Fontanone In Pope Sixtus V born Felice Peretti greatly improved the supply of water to Rome by completing Acqua Felicean aqueduct named after him; a series of fountains distributed the water to the various rioni of the city, but conduits reaching Trastevere could not carry enough water and Borgothe neighbourhood around S.

Enlargement of the view enjoyed by Casino Giraud Palazzo Giraud adjoins Cartiera Sampieria former paper factory which today houses Instituto Cervantes the cultural Spanish centre in Rome. Giuseppe nella terza, di Giuseppe Ghezzi. Because of modern buildings and trees along the lungotevere, Janiculum is best observed from Ponte Sisto, whereas the tip of S.