Child killer Peter Holdem 'a long way from being a realistic candidate for parole'

Peter holdem nz. Child killer Peter Holdem 'a long way from being a realistic candidate for parole' |

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The Parole Board based its decision on a psychological report in February which described Holdem as 'predatory and opportunistic' and 'ingratiating' towards authority figures. Holdem wanted to be seen over the next year for assessment and for treatment that he thought he needed.

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In addition, it was said that, despite Holdem's claim not to be interested in women or girls, 'images of scantily clad females' were found in his cell. However, I did contact the Parole Board to register my disquiet.

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It seems fair to say that Griebel is obsessed with Holdem. I spoke to the acting editor at The Press who was not interested in the story; he said it was unlikely they would run anything about Holdem until nearer to the Parole hearing.

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That question must be asked, however horrible the crime was. There are people who deserve to be in prison who are not; there are people who have been held in prison for decades who are known to be innocent; there are cases of people having been sent to prison after evidence was planted by the Police or as a result of poor practice.

If true, and in light of Griebel's involvement in the moves to keep Holdem imprisoned, that would surely constitute a serious breach of professional standards. Holdem claimed they had been planted there but the Board did not believe him.

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He had abducted her as she walked home from school, throttled her and dumped her body in a river. Holdem's parole hearing came and went without any prior media comment that I was aware of, and there was a fairly muted response to the further denial of parole.

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Holdem was sentenced to life imprisonment for the abduction and murder of 6-year-old Louisa Damodram. He was assessed as having a high risk of general and sexual offending, and had incurred a misconduct in January Before killing Louisa, Holdem had a history of attempted rape in and multiple indecencies on a child.

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If an expert had access to personal information which was given without a person's permission, it could be illegal and certainly would be grossly unethical. Do they all have the same motives? Nor do I know who approached who for the Radio New Zealand interview inbut the common denominator is Mel Griebel.

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He did not say why he needed the treatment, the board said. In its report The NZ Herald repeated blackjack hills recreation inaccurate claim that, when Holdem murdered Hollywood casino kansas city crab legs Damodran, he had just been released after the abduction and attempted murder of a 10 year-old girl.

A group of people took it upon themselves to use the popular media to influence the judicial process and were confident enough to state their agenda openly.

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